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Flights to Fort-de-France from £523

Fort-de-France is the capital of the Caribbean island of Martinique, and lies along the west coast. The city is encapsulated by rolling hills all around whereas the south side of the island opens out onto the Caribbean sea. There are cheap flights to Fort-de-France from London available from several airlines such as Air France. Direct flights to Fort-de-France are available throughout several Caribbean airports, ideal for enjoying a tour of these beautiful islands. Flights to Fort-de-France are available with just one stopover from Edinburgh, Manchester and many other UK airports. Our online price comparison tool can be used to compare Fort-de-France flights in order to get the best deal. The city is rich in history and is tied closely to the European colonial era, thus contains many historical and cultural areas of interest. The city contains an expansive coastal area with many buildings along the beach which take influence from both its Caribbean and French colonial past. The historical Fort Saint Louis naval base is an ever present reminder of the island's heritage, dating back to 1638.

Flight destination: Fort-de-France

The Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport is well linked to the rest of the island via a series of interconnected paved roads and highways. Typical of most Caribbean islands, Fort-de-France and the surrounding area are absent of rail networks, and transport is instead covered by bus network and ferry travel. The island is small enough that many of the major tourist attractions are only a short bus or car ride away. Located amongst beautiful green hills and vast blue waters, Fort-de-France is one of the Caribbean's most picturesque locations. The city offers a wealth of options for activities and sightseeing, whether it be cultural, historical, or simply just wanting absorb some of local life. The La Cave a Vin restaurant offers a combination of both French and Caribbean cuisine, has open air tables and is just minutes from the beach front. The Balata Gardens are a paradise within a paradise, and are home to countless exotic plants and bird life. Amongst the trees and plants, the Gardens open out to the Caribbean sea to top off an already impressive view. The Schoelcher Library provides the island with some historical flavour. Built in France in 1889, each individual stone was shipped to the island. The architecture is post-Byzantine, which comes as a stark contrast to the rest of Fort-de-France's art-deco appearance.The St. Louis Cathedral, built in the 1600s, is one of the oldest architectural and cultural buildings on the island, and has survived plague, fires, and tropical storms throughout its lifetime.

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