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Flights from Edinburgh
The cheapest flights from Edinburgh with Easyvoyage

Scotland's historical capital is also home to its busiest airport with more than 40 airlines serving over 100 destinations. Flights from Edinburgh can take you all over Europe as well as various parts of North and Central America, North Africa and the Middle East.
Getting to the airport for you flight from Edinburgh is easy! There are a number of transport choices available, from buses and coaches to the brand new Edinburgh tram system which links the airport directly to the city centre. Alternatively, if you prefer to drive you can pre-book official airport parking and save up to 68% on the drive up price!
The most popular air routes from Edinburgh land in other parts of the UK, especially the four main airports in London (Heathrow, Gatwick, City and Stansted) closely followed by Spain and the Netherlands. In fact, airfare from Edinburgh to London can cost just £70 with Easyjet if reserved far enough in advance, and tickets from Edinburgh to Barcelona and Amsterdam are even less! So in under an hour and a half you could be strolling by the canals in beautiful Amsterdam or checking out the cultural sites in bustling London.

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It is no secret that the easiest way to find cheap airline tickets from Edinburgh is by comparing flights using an online flight comparison tool like the one provided by Easyvoyage. This useful device allows travellers to scrutinize all the best travel deals on the market provided by our partners in order to clearly determine the cheapest rates for their travel from Edinburgh. Once you have typed your desired travel dates into the device Easyvoyage will compile a long list of travel options for you to choose from so you can ensure a hassle free start to your holiday!

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