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Flights to Goa: to enjoy its beaches from £392

Goa is India's smallest state, and is located in the west of the country. It has an incredibly long history and is arguably one of the most interesting places in India, given that it was under Portuguese dominion for over four centuries (until 1961), which has created a blended Portuguese-Indian culture in the region. Old Goa was the Portuguese heart of the state, and its cultural impact can be seen today, with many churches (such as Basilica of Bom Jesus with the relics of St Francis Xavier, the church of St Francis of Assisi and the Cathedral) still standing today: this historical city is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and definitely worth a Goa flight. No city in the state is particularly large (over 100,000 people) and the main attraction for tourists are the 350+ small villages. This state is particularly famous for its beaches, such as Anjuna Beach, Palolem Beach, Morjim Beach and Chapora, though there are many more. The state only has one international airport serving all flights to Goa, linking the city with domestic and international destinations, such as: Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, London, Doha, Moscow and Dubai. If you're looking for a cheap flight from Gatwick or any other UK city, use our online flight comparison tool to find the best air tickets to Goa.

Flight destination: Goa

The airport is connected to various cities (Margao, Vasco da Gama, Panaji) by bus, rail and taxi, with varying travel times. Although there are many travel guides available with information about this state, the official state tourism board's website (http://www.goa-tourism.com/) provides plenty of information about the locations, what to do, what to see, where to sleep and gives links to easily book your holidays.The highlights of the year area arguably the festivals of Carnival (just before Lent in the Catholic calendar) and Ganesh Chaturthi: this is when most tourists visit the state. There are also many Hindu temples, and the most notable is probably the Shree Manguesh Shantadurgai Prasanna Temple, dedicated to Shiva. The Goan cuisine, mainly based on seafood, could not escape the blend of the Indian and Portuguese culture, with many local dishes mixing ingredients from these diametrically different countries. You will find typically Hindu dishes like fish curry, fish cutlets, khatkhate and many vegetarian dishes. The Portuguese-Catholic influence has brought, for example, canja de galinha (a chicken soup with rice) and balchão, curry with ingredients from Macao, another Portuguese colony in China.

Latest searches for cheap Goa flights

  • London - Goa

    Departure 04/01/2019 Jet Airways Jet Airways Flight 1 stop(s) 14h50 Duration
    Return 30/03/2019 Jet Airways Jet Airways Flight 1 stop(s) 15h20 Duration
    from £501.99 Flight search 221 day(s) ago

    Glasgow - Goa

    Departure 30/01/2018 KLM KLM Flight 2 stop(s) 18h50 Duration
    Return 06/02/2018 KLM KLM Flight 2 stop(s) 20h40 Duration
    from £506.10 Flight search 541 day(s) ago

    Birmingham - Goa

    Departure 04/11/2019 KLM KLM Direct flight 01h20 Duration
    Return 05/12/2019 KLM KLM Direct flight 01h40 Duration
    from £492.72 Flight search today

    Bristol - Goa

    Departure 14/01/2018 Lufthansa Lufthansa Flight 2 stop(s) 43h20 Duration
    Return 30/01/2018 Lufthansa Lufthansa Flight 2 stop(s) 25h50 Duration
    from £538.25 Flight search 418 day(s) ago

    Manchester - Goa

    Departure 23/01/2018 Jet Airways Jet Airways Flight 2 stop(s) 26h40 Duration
    Return 20/02/2018 Jet Airways Jet Airways Flight 2 stop(s) 26h35 Duration
    from £454.94 Flight search 503 day(s) ago

    Edinburgh - Goa

    Departure - No offers found Edinburgh - Goa
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    Leeds - Goa

    Departure - No offers found Leeds - Goa
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    Liverpool - Goa

    Departure - No offers found Liverpool - Goa
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    Cardiff - Goa

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    Belfast - Goa

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  • Newcastle - Goa

    Departure 10/01/2018 Air France Air France Flight 2 stop(s) 18h20 Duration
    Return 09/04/2018 Air France Air France Flight 2 stop(s) 20h30 Duration
    from £476.71 Flight search 496 day(s) ago

    Aberdeen - Goa

    Departure 06/01/2018 Air France Air France Flight 2 stop(s) 18h55 Duration
    Return 31/01/2018 Air France Air France Flight 2 stop(s) 24h55 Duration
    from £563.28 Flight search 520 day(s) ago

    Bournemouth - Goa

    Departure - No offers found Bournemouth - Goa
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    Southampton - Goa

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    Dublin - Goa

    Departure 07/01/2018 Air France Air France Flight 2 stop(s) 18h50 Duration
    Return 21/01/2018 Air France Air France Flight 2 stop(s) 21h15 Duration
    from £531.65 Flight search 518 day(s) ago

Cheap flights to Goa 

Easy Voyage offers its customers the exceptional opportunity to compare the most cost effective rates on cheap flights to Goa from the UK taken from low cost flight price data collected over the past 12 months. From these statistics it is easier to deduce the most economical months to book your flights. Using the evidence from the flight history charts found below it is clear that those travelling on a budget should prioritise February as the time to book low cost flights from Manchester to Goa as this is when the price of airline tickets is at its lowest. Nevertheless, flights departing from London are significantly cheaper than those taking off from Manchester. The most competitive rates for London-Goa flights can be found in August and over the Easter period, while November is best avoided since flights reach their highest at this time.

When searching for the best budget airline tickets it is also worth considering the weather in your chosen destination. With average daytime temperatures of 25°C to 30°C and an average of 10 sunshine hours a day, Goa really is the place where you're guaranteed to top up your tan for less. However, this sunny city also endures a heavy monsoon season which starts in June and finishes at the end of September. July receives the most rainfall which also unexpectedly correlates with the period when summer flight prices reach their peak. Instead why not benefit from February's cheap flight to Goa and experience this beautiful holiday destination during its driest month. It is much more fun cooling off in the sparkling sea waters rather than the hefty monsoon rains.

Before confirming your cheap flights to Goa make sure that you have compared low cost prices for both direct and indirect flights since the most economical rates can often be found on flights with fixed dates and/or stopovers.

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