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Flights to Granada from £49

Granada is one of the main cities of Andalucia, the largest region in the south of Spain. It is arguably one of southern Europe's main cultural reference points; once part of the Islamic territories in Europe, it has a very long history, expressed in its marvelous Arabic and Moorish architecture. Its two main sights are, no doubt, the Alhambra and the Albayzín: the former is the most-visited sight in Spain, a monumental complex which includes a palace, fortress, gardens and a government complex, and was once home to the Sultans and later to Kings and Queens of Spain. The latter is a district famous for its white buildings, narrow streets, gardens and Arabic shops. The city's airport connects it to all major European cities, with a transfer flight through Madrid or Barcelona, or direct to London. If you're looking for a cheap flight departing from London, you can easily find one using our online comparison tool, which allows you a direct comparison of all deals available, so you can buy the cheap flight that is best suited to your needs.

Flight destination: Granada

The airport is connected to the city centre by bus shuttles and taxis, with total journey time to get to the city centre around 45 minutes. Once you have arrived in the city, you can buy the GRANADA CARD, which gives you access to some of the city's main sights and several trips on the local public transport network. It also gives discounts on guided tours and walks. The city has a great atmosphere, with many events running in the city throughout the year. On top of this, Granada is very close to the Sierra Nevada, with the possibility to ski on a mountain range with many peaks of over 3000 yards. The cuisine in the city is influenced by its Arab-Andalusian past and, in fact, is a fusion of traditional Spanish and Arabic dishes, flavours, spices and ingredients. The city has good connections to the rest of the country, with flights to Madrid and Barcelona, and trains to the other cities of Andalucia, including Seville and Cordoba, if you wish to explore Spain further.

Latest searches for cheap Granada flights

  • London - Granada

    15/09/2017 Direct flight Duration 02h50
    22/09/2017 Direct flight Duration 02h55
    from £193.23
  • Glasgow - Granada

    Ryanair LTD
    07/09/2017 Direct flight Duration 03h10
    Ryanair LTD
    14/09/2017 Direct flight Duration 03h20
    from £125.98
  • Birmingham - Granada

    Ryanair LTD
    12/09/2017 Direct flight Duration 02h55
    Ryanair LTD
    19/09/2017 Direct flight Duration 02h55
    from £66.57
  • Bristol - Granada

    Ryanair LTD
    21/09/2017 Direct flight Duration 02h40
    Ryanair LTD
    01/10/2017 Direct flight Duration 02h45
    from £115.90
  • Manchester - Granada

    18/09/2017 Direct flight Duration 02h55
    25/09/2017 Direct flight Duration 03h00
    from £242.62
  • Edinburgh - Granada

    No offers found Edinburgh - Granada
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  • Leeds - Granada

    No offers found Leeds - Granada
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  • Liverpool - Granada

    Norwegian Air International
    18/09/2017 Direct flight Duration 03h00
    Norwegian Air International
    27/09/2017 Direct flight Duration 03h00
    from £96.43
  • Cardiff - Granada

    No offers found Cardiff - Granada
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  • Belfast - Granada

    No offers found Belfast - Granada
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  • Newcastle - Granada

    No offers found Newcastle - Granada
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  • Aberdeen - Granada

    No offers found Aberdeen - Granada
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  • Bournemouth - Granada

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  • Southampton - Granada

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  • Dublin - Granada

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Cheap flights to Granada 

To find a cheap flight to Granada, Easyvoyage offers you the opportunity to compare all flights to Granada during the last 12 months. Consulting the price history will allow you to identify the best time to travel to Granada for the cheapest fare. You are able to select a month, in order to have detailed prices day-by-day. We offer you this information of cheap Granada flights departing from the four largest English airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester and Stansted.

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