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Flights to Guangzhou from £438

The fun and lively city of Guangzhou, also known as Canton, is found in the province of South China. It has become an important hub for transport in China, primarily thanks to its location - only 120 kilometres from Hong Kong and 145 kilometres from Macau. You can find a direct flight to Guangzhou from London with our online flight comparison tool, searching hundreds of different airlines to find the best deal for you. Guangzhou Airport is one of the three busiest airport hubs in China, thus there are many onward flight options to other cities in China, as well as other countries in Asia including Vietnam, India and Singapore. If you are looking to reach Guangzhou from another UK city other than London this is of course possible, for example with a flight departing from Edinburgh, or Bristol but travellers must note that these flight will be indirect. Although the journey time can be longer, depending on the length of the stopover, an indirect flight can often be much cheaper. Our tool can help you find the best airfare to suit your preferences. Guangzhou tourist's industry is well developed and there are some interesting sights for tourists in the city. These include the Bright Filial Piety Temple - the oldest Buddhist temple in Guangzhou and Yuexiu Park is a great spot to visit when the weather is fine. The best place from which to view the whole city is Baiyun Mountain, known also as "White Cloud" Mountain, which actually consists of 30 peaks where 6 sightseeing areas have been constructed especially for tourists.

Flight destination: Guangzhou

Your flight will land at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport which is about 17 miles from the city centre. Getting around the city after your flight could not be easier. It is very easy to reach the city from the airport as the ground transportation system is very efficient. There are six airport express bus lines (Line 1, Line 2A, Line 2B, Line 3, Line 4 and Jinshazhou Line), there are also ten airport shuttle bus lines as well as many taxis. Once in the city itself there is also a wide range of transport options, including a subway, five hundred City-Bus lines and six water buses serving the various ports of the Pearl River.

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