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Flights to Iceland

Find the cheapest flights to Iceland using a flight comparison and make the most of the opportunities available by booking early. There are plenty of direct flights to Iceland from the UK every week. Airports such as Luton and Gatwick commonly operate these flights, and IcelandAir and EasyJet are popular airlines to fly with. A direct flight to Iceland will usually take around three to three and a half hours from London, depending on the weather conditions. From Scotland, the duration is usually between two and two and half hours. These flights will arrive at Keflavik airport in Reikjavik, which is close to the famous geysers and Golden Circle attractions. It is possible to take an Iceland flight with a stopover in the Faroe Islands, too, if you prefer. Reikjavik is also a good base to fly to other desirable destinations, such as the US and Canada.

Our deals on flights to Iceland

  • Easyjet

    London Reykjavik

    Fri 25 Nov - Fri 02 Dec

  • Icelandair

    London Reykjavik

    Tue 25 Oct - Tue 06 Dec

  • Austrian Airlines

    London Reykjavik

    Tue 30 May - Sat 03 Jun

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Iceland Agenda -Find all practical information

12 - 14 February: Sónar Reykjavík. The Sónar Festival of Advanced Music is a must visit attraction for all lovers of contemporary music and culture.5 - 13 April: Festival of Lights. This annual festival is held in February, March, or April in the capital of the country, dedicated to celebrating the magic of the Nordic winter. Expect light shows, music swimming in geothermic pools, and much more. If you are lucky, the Northern Lights themselves may make an appearance.7 - 12 April: The Horse Expo. The horses of this country are famously small and beautiful. Get up close to them each year, see some great breeds, and try your hand at horse riding yourself!28 May - 5 June: Reikjavik Art Festival. This annual event is the perfect place to witness some beautiful new art. See works that have been inspired by the volcanic landscape of Reikjavik itself, as well as art by international names from all over the world.5 - 9 November: Airwaves Music Festival. This is one of the coolest music festivals in the North. Come here to relax and hear some great international bands late into the night in Reikjavik.

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