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Flights to Iguazu

The Iguazu Falls are located in the Brazilian state of Paranß, in the southeast of the country, and are shared with Argentina. In late 2011, Iguazu was named among the New Seven Wonders of Nature and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These can be accessed from three cities, namely Foz do Iguašu in Brazil, Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, and Puerto Iguaz˙ in Argentina. These Falls are nothing short of spectacular: to give an idea of how gargantuan the spectacle is, these Falls are twice as wide and much higher than the Niagara Falls. The most important falls is the Devil's Throat, standing at over 80 metres, though there are about 200 falls in total. There are many walkways and observation decks accessible for tourists. The closest airport is Foz do Iguašu International Airport in Brazil, with flights to other Brazilian cities, although you can reach the falls from Cataratas del Iguaz˙ Airport in Argentina too, with flights to Argentinian cities. If you're searching for a cheap flight from London, you can use our online comparison tool to search, compare and buy the preferred option.

Flight destination: Iguazu

Both airports are relatively near the Iguazu Falls: you can get there from the Brazilian airport of Foz do Iguašu by bus or taxi, with travel times around 15-20 minutes; alternatively, if you land in Argentina, the bus or taxi ride to the Falls will take about 15 minutes. No tourist card discounts are available, although there are plenty of institutional websites (tourist boards, etc.) which provide plenty of information on how to plan your trip and make the most of your visit.Located within the Iguazu Falls' area is the Macuco Safari, arguably one of the world's most stunning boat trips, where you can take a ride through the forest all the way up to the Falls, with the possibility of a 25-meter rope descent on the Macuco Fall. The Parque das Aves, a bird sanctuary, is very close to the Falls: over 900 exotic birds from about 200 different species can be seen here. If you want to see more of Argentina, Brazil or Paraguay (a Three Borders Landmark is close to Iguazu), you can take flights to the main cities, such as Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

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