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Flights to Innsbruck from £62

Innsbruck is an incredibly picturesque city in Austria and is the capital of the state of Tyrol. Situated in the Inn Valley roughly halfway between Munich, Germany and Verona, Italy, this scenic city is famous for its winter sporting tradition and has hosted the Winter Olympics twice. Dozens of internationally renowned airlines fly to this Austrian destination and flights to Innsbruck are available from Belfast, Paris and many other European cities. With our online comparison tool you can compare deals across the travel market and hopefully locate a cheap flight to Innsbruck. If you are searching for an Innsbruck flight from London, for example, our comparison tool may be of benefit to you. Once in Innsbruck you can look forward to a trip filled with numerous potential Kodak moments! The city centre is absolutely stunning and consists of many fabulous examples of architecture. As this city is located in the Broad Valley, you will be surrounded by a number of large mountains which peak at well over 7000 feet. You will be able to enjoy a continental climate here and during the winter months, you can expect large quantities of snow.

Flight destination: Innsbruck

This city has a very reliable public transportation network and it consists of two primary modes. Buses are the best way to navigate this city quickly and efficiently as well as being relatively inexpensive at the same time. Trams are the best way to travel this city if you are interested in exploring the local sights and tourist attractions. There are many amazing attractions to explore here including mountains and other wonders of nature. Patscherkofel is located around four miles away from the city centre and offers incredible views of the region. The Arnspitze Group is an impressive mountain range which stretches right through to the Bavarian region. Other attractions here include Bergisel and Herzsee.

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    18/03/2018 Direct flight Duration 01h55
    25/03/2018 Direct flight Duration 01h50
    from £144.28
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    British Airways
    05/03/2018 2 stop(s) Duration 40h20
    British Airways
    12/03/2018 1 stop(s) Duration 05h35
    from £164.66
  • Birmingham - Innsbruck

    15/03/2018 1 stop(s) Duration 03h25
    22/03/2018 1 stop(s) Duration 03h30
    from £210.16
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    17/03/2018 Direct flight Duration 02h15
    Thomas Cook Airlines
    24/03/2018 Direct flight Duration 02h15
    from £153.62
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