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Flights to Istanbul: the city in two continents from £164

Istanbul is the largest and one of the most impressive cities in Turkey. Although it is not the capital, some of the fundamentals of Turkey's culture and history originate here. It was listed as the European Capital of Culture in 2010 and nearly 12 million tourists came here in 2012. All major airlines fly to this Turkish city and direct flights to Istanbul are available from Manchester, Paris and Amsterdam. If you are looking for a direct Istanbul flight from London, you will benefit from using our online comparison tool. You will be able to compare the prices of several operators and find yourself a cheap flight to Istanbul from London. A flight to Istanbul will allow you to explore this historic and mesmerising city where the sights, sounds and other attractions here are vast in quantity. Renowned largely for its Ottoman and Byzantine influence, many of the buildings in this city reminisce the empires that have previously ruled including the Romans. Genoese influences remain too. This city is one of the region's artistic centres and both European and Middle Eastern artists have been coming here for over a century.

Flight destination: Istanbul

The transportation system in this city is highly complex and very extensive with excellent links to the Trans European motorway. The public transport network is primarily made up of trams, metro lines, ferries and buses. The tram line alone accommodates for the movements of nearly 300,000 passengers per day and the subterranean rail line is one of the oldest in the world. There is a huge number of things to see and do in this city including countless attractions of historical importance. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque and Galata Tower are both incredible pieces of architecture and the Chora Church is well worth a visit too. Other attractions include Emirgan Park, Golden Horn and Rumelihisar.

Latest searches for cheap Istanbul flights

  • London - Istanbul

    Ukraine International Airlines
    20/09/2019 1 stop(s) Duration 20h30
    Ukraine International Airlines
    27/09/2019 1 stop(s) Duration 07h20
    from £163.59
  • Glasgow - Istanbul

    29/07/2017 1 stop(s) Duration 05h50
    13/08/2017 1 stop(s) Duration 17h50
    from £683.73
  • Birmingham - Istanbul

    03/09/2019 1 stop(s) Duration 14h35
    10/09/2019 1 stop(s) Duration 16h25
    from £236.68
  • Bristol - Istanbul

    Air France
    09/07/2018 2 stop(s) Duration 11h30
    Air France
    14/07/2018 1 stop(s) Duration 06h55
    from £344.36
  • Manchester - Istanbul

    Turkish Airlines
    04/07/2018 Direct flight Duration 04h05
    Turkish Airlines
    25/07/2018 Direct flight Duration 04h20
    from £264.99
  • Edinburgh - Istanbul

    25/07/2017 Direct flight Duration 01h35
    n.c 1 stop(s) Duration n.c
    from £257.17
  • Leeds - Istanbul

    British Airways
    11/07/2017 1 stop(s) Duration 26h30
    British Airways
    16/07/2017 1 stop(s) Duration 06h45
    from £475.49
  • Liverpool - Istanbul

    16/07/2017 Direct flight Duration n.c
    n.c 1 stop(s) Duration n.c
    from £263.00
  • Cardiff - Istanbul

    No offers found Cardiff - Istanbul
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  • Belfast - Istanbul

    No offers found Belfast - Istanbul
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  • Newcastle - Istanbul

    Air France
    01/07/2018 1 stop(s) Duration 12h50
    Air France
    05/07/2018 1 stop(s) Duration 17h45
    from £428.00
  • Aberdeen - Istanbul

    No offers found Aberdeen - Istanbul
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  • Bournemouth - Istanbul

    No offers found Bournemouth - Istanbul
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  • Southampton - Istanbul

    No offers found Southampton - Istanbul
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  • Dublin - Istanbul

    24/07/2017 Direct flight Duration 01h40
    n.c 1 stop(s) Duration n.c
    from £284.51

Cheap flights to Istanbul 

Easyvoyage supplies travellers with a unique flight comparator tool to help them track low-cost deals on cheap flights to Istanbul from the UK collected over the past 12 months. This enables holidaymakers to clearly see the most economical time to book their city break. Based on the data from the price history charts found below, there is little variation in airline ticket fares from Manchester airport to Istanbul. However, flight deals from London vary dramatically in price according to the departure date and the most competitive time to travel to Istanbul from these airports is in October and February.

Istanbul is a lively vibrant city all year round and while the summertime period may bring the best weather it is also when airline ticket prices are at their highest. So for travellers flying on a stricter budget it is advisable to profit from the low-cost flight deals available between October and February. Not only will you save on cheap airfare but those who opt to fly for less in October will experience Turkey's longest running blues music festival. Similarly, why not compare flights to Tirana for December and spend New Year discovering exquisite Ottoman mosques and exciting new art galleries and museums, or warming up with a hot beverage in one of the traditional tea gardens.

It is also worth taking into account that the date of departure is not the only factor which will affect the cost of the airline ticket. Flight prices can vary by up to double the fee depending on the airline company so be sure to compare the best selection of airlines to get the cheapest rates. Atlasjet and Pegasus are two of the top companies to fly with for cheap flights to Tirana but there are several others which will also offer budget prices if you are not adverse to stopovers or fixed dates.

Price forecast : Istanbul

Price history for Istanbul