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Flights to Izmir and enjoy Turkey's beaches from £147

Izmir is a metropolis in the Anatolia region of Turkey and in regards to its population, is the third largest city in the country. In ancient times this city was known as Smyrna and was changed to its current title in 1930. It is at least 3500 years old and is one of Turkeys primary exportation ports. International airlines including Swiss and Pegasus fly here frequently and flights to Izmir are available from most European cities. Turkish Airlines also offers a range of frequent flights to Istanbul from Izmir airport so continuing your trip through Turkey is easy! If you wish to book a flight from London, our online comparison tool may be of advantage to you. This implement will help you search the internet for deals until you locate a cheap flight to Izmir that meets your requirements. This wonderful city enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate and is characterised by long and hot summers. The cuisine here is fantastic and adopts a variety of cooking methods symbolic of Aegean and Mediterranean culture. This city is especially vibrant during the months of June and July when the annual festivals take place. During this time, many world famous musicians come here to perform and enjoy the mutual celebrations of culture.

Flight destination: Izmir

Getting from the airport to the city in a taxi will cost the best part of 20. This is fine is you are travelling in a group, however if you are vacationing alone you may prefer to use a coach service which will cost closer to 5. There are dozens of wonderful attractions to explore in this city including natural wonders and cultural relics. Kadifekale, Kemeralti and Asansor should be visited by first timers to this city as they are all intriguing places. Mount Sipylus offers magnificent views of the region and the extinct volcano of Yamanlar is worth a look too.

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