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Flights to Kavala from £157

Kavala is a city in northern Greece and is the second largest municipality in the region. It looks out on the beautiful island of Thasos and was named Neapolis during the years of antiquity. Over the centuries this city has been under the rule of the Romans, Ottomans and also Nazi control during World War II, however was finally liberated in 1944. This location is served by a number of international airlines and flights to Kavala are available from most European cities. If you wish to find a Kavala flight from London, our online comparison tool will assist you in finding a good deal. You will be able to sift through hundreds of promotions on the web before selecting a cheap flight to Kavala. Summertime is the best time of year to visit Kavala as the city is in full swing during this season. Cultural events including the Cosmopolis festival take place as well as the Wood Water Wild festival, a combination of live music and DJ sets, mind and body experiences, book fairs and other attractions.

Flight destination: Kavala

The transportation network in this city is adequate and provides bus routes to all surrounding towns and cities. There are numerous taxi firms operating within the town's perimeters as well as a subway system and there is a regular ferry service to the island of Thasos too. The cuisine alone is a good reason to find yourself a cheap flight to this wonderful city. As this is a major seaport, one of the main elements of most courses is fish and an army of restaurants serve delicious fresh produce on a daily basis. Some of the sights here are magnificent and tasteful such as the Town Hall and Adolf Wix Building right next door. Other impressive structures include the Megali Leschi and Municipal Tobacco Warehouse. There are several cultural museums here including the House of Mehmet Ali and for sun seekers the beaches such as Batis, Periyiali and Toska are gorgeous.

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