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Flights to Leknes

Leknes is a town in northern Norway situated in the archipelago of Vestvågøya. Leknes is one of the few fishing towns in Norway to not have its town centre by the sea. It also lacks traditional Norwegian wooden buildings due to its recent rapid growth and development. This means that although the town does not have the traditional Norwegian "feel", its location amongst the archipelago surrounds the town with picturesque waters and snow topped mountains.Lekness Airport only accommodates flights to and from the domestic airports of Bodø, Røst, and Svolvær. As a result, there are no direct flights to Leknes from anywhere outside of Norway. Several cheap flight transfers would be required to reach the town due to its partially remote location, flying from a UK airport to Trondheim or Oslo, and a connecting flight from there to Bodø, with either a further connecting flight or a ferry journey finally to Leknes. Using the online price comparison tool can ensure getting a cheap flight deal for travel to this Norwegian town.

Flight destination: Leknes

Upon arrival, the town can be reached by the airport taxi service or private car rental, both of which only require a few minutes' travel. The small fishing town of Leknes does not provide visitors with much of the more metropolitan attractions, however it has to offer a more authentic Norwegian atmosphere. The area is more suited towards sightseeing and cultural experiences, as it lacks much of the modern façade of more urbanised locations.The area has much to offer in both natural sights and historical interests. The natural environment of snow peaked hills and mountains, as well as many expansive bodies of water and fjords, are one of the most famous aspects of Norway. The Lofoten Islands amongst the Vestvågøya archipelago are one of the most visited locations in Norway for its natural beauty.For the more historically inclined tourists, the Lofotr Viking Museum is an attraction full of curiosities, with both indoor and outdoor exhibitions chronicling the life and culture of the Vikings during the Middle Ages. The museum has many artifacts on display, such as clothing, jewellery and weapons, as well as a full reproduction of an 83 metre long Viking chieftain longhouse.There are many opportunities to taste the local cuisine, as well as international dishes. Johnsen's Fiskerestaurant, situated by the fisherman's wharf, offers many traditional Norwegian fish dishes sourced fresh from the local waters. The Surprise Kafe, located closer to the town centre, is a diner which serves more international dishes, offering meals for both breakfast and dinner.

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