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Flights to Leros

Leros is a picturesque Greek island in the Dodecanese of the Southern Aegean Sea. A small island of lush valleys, it is surrounded by charming beaches, deep coves and rolling green hills. The topography of the island has given rise to many picture-perfect villages that abound with cluster of whitewashed houses, neoclassical mansions and narrow alleyways. This ancient island has witnessed several transformations over the centuries, from an Italian base to a famous mental asylum and later a penal colony. Nevertheless, today it is one of the most exquisite holiday destinations in Greece, thanks to the friendly and laid-back resorts and historic buildings that spread across the entire region, you can experience the comforts of modern life as well as the old world charm. The traditional Greek atmosphere of the unspoilt beaches and villages is complemented by the pleasant fragrance of the eucalyptus and tamarisk trees here. Take a cheap flight to Leros and discover the beauty of the island. Using our online flight comparison tool will make the process of searching for a cheap flight simple and easy.

Flight destination: Leros

Visiting the animated resort of Alinda may tempt you to test your nerve with a range of water sport options, including wind surfing, canoeing and snorkelling. Whereas, the sleepy village of Krithoni provides an ideal setting for a quieter sunbathing experience. You certainly will don the hat of fisherman and try your luck at fishing in Agia Marina, the largest town in the island and a popular fishing spot. If you had enough of the sun and sand, set out to discover the historical significance of Leros. You will find impressive castles, restored buildings and museums awaiting to unravel the eventful past of the island. The Ecclesiastical Museum, The Bellenis Museum, The Folklore Museum, The War Museum and The Municipal Library, some housed in splendid castles and forts, are worth exploring. Fort of Virgin Mary, also known as the Fort of Leros, is another popular place of historical interest. Situated on the barren hilltop of Apityki, the fort was built during the Byzantine era and the excavations in this site date back to 7th century B.C. The organised markets, especially in Agia Marina, Lakki and Platano, are housed in old traditional buildings and you can find all kinds of shops selling a diverse range of items, from freshly-caught fishes to jewels to handicrafts.

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