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Flights to Lille from £132

Lille is the fourth largest city in France and is commonly thought to be one of the country's most important cultural centres. It boasts a rich history and some of the best preserved architecture from the 16th and 17th century in the world. Cheap flights to the city are abundant with a number of carriers offering services from across the globe. The city's proximity to Belgium has encouraged some interesting and valuable cross cultural exchanges that make Lille a tremendously interesting and exciting city to visit. Be sure to use our online comparison website to secure a cheap flight from your chosen UK airport, whether you are looking to fly from Leeds or Edinburgh, or whichever UK airport is most convenient for you. Lille is home to some of not only France's but Europe's most spectacular architecture. With buildings such as the Grand Palace and the Vauban Citadel there really is a huge amount to do and see in this fantastic, culturally rich city. With warm summers and picturesque winters there is never a bad time to visit Lille so why wait to search for your direct flight from London to visit this wonderful city.

Flight destination: Lille

The mixed and fully integrated transport system in the city is one of the most advanced and well maintained in the country. The bus and tram system operate mostly in the inner city area and combine to provide visitors with an exhaustive route around all the city's major and most important areas, it is quick, easy and remains relatively cheap. A driverless metro system is also available and is probably the most popular transport method in the city. The city also encourages people to walk and has large sidewalks and heavily pedestrianised area to reduce traffic flow and pollutions. Lille truly is world class city. With historical buildings like the cathedral standing near to huge contemporary shopping centres and a number of galleries and museums, the mix of activities and attractions will keep everyone engaged and entertained. Cheap flights to the city are available so be sure to check prices online and visit one of France's finest destinations.

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