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Flights to Lusaka from £433

Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia, a landlocked country in Southern Africa. It one of the fastest developing cities in the region. The official language of Zambia is English. The country has many green regions unlike much of the rest of Southern Africa. Resting on a large plateau, the site of numerous national parks and wildlife heritages, the climate of Lusaka is humid and subtropical due in part to its high altitude. Its coldest month is July, with an average temperature of 16C and 32C during the warmest month of October. Flights to the city will arrive at Lusaka International Airport, which mostly consist of flights from other African countries. The only direct Lusaka flights from Europe depart from Amsterdam, which can be reached by a cheap flight direct from Newcastle, London and many locations throughout the UK. Using our online price comparison tool can ensure the most convenient cheap flight with the airline of your choice throughout all seasons.

Flight destination: Lusaka

The airport offers a range of transport options to reach the city, and the journey only takes around 15-20 minutes by car. There are taxi and minibus services available, which can be booked in advance, as well as car rental services. The city itself has a vast bus network, which services all major routes as well as transport to and from the suburbs of the city. Lusaka is typical of many metropolitan cities, as it features many rapidly developing areas, as well as well-established shopping districts in the centre and in the affluent suburbs. This modern and attractive city has much to offer visitors, whether they are looking to experience Southern African cutlture, go on Safari, or uncover the historical sites within the area. Many tourists going to Zambia are keen to see the Lower Zambezi National Park, which has over 4,000 square kilometres of land, and provides a safe environment for much of the wildlife naturally found in Southern Africa, such as elephants, lions and hippos. Many visitors comment on the tranquility of the National Park, which has as much beautiful natural scenery as there is wildlife. The Pakati Sunday Market is an open air market supplying many traditional African goods, such as African dress and handmade jewellery. The market typically contains more native Zambians than tourists, and offers a more authentic African experience.The city centre and outer suburbs have a wide array of restaurants offering continental dishes and more international tastes. The Sugarbush Farm is a villa style building which has many outdoor tables and offers many local dishes, or try the Eviva, which has many Mediterranean and seafood options within a romantic setting.

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    British Airways
    12/08/2018 1 stop(s) Duration 21h40
    British Airways
    26/08/2018 1 stop(s) Duration 13h00
    from £800.51
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    Kenya Airways
    20/08/2017 2 stop(s) Duration 46h50
    Kenya Airways
    27/08/2017 2 stop(s) Duration 41h30
    from £778.45
  • Bristol - Lusaka

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    Etihad Airways
    06/08/2017 2 stop(s) Duration 27h45
    Etihad Airways
    13/08/2017 2 stop(s) Duration 30h05
    from £789.49
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