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Flights to Lyon from £67

A UNESCO World Heritage site since 1998, Lyon is renowned for its rich history and gastronomic tradition. Lyon has 2000 years of vibrant history engraved on its buildings and streets, from its Roman theatres, to the 19th-century Basilica of Fourvière. France's third largest city is the ideal base to discover the Rhone region and sample the area's specialities including; poultry, sausage, and wine. Lyon is well served by Europe's major airlines, connecting the city to London, Berlin, Brussels, Rome, Madrid, and a host of domestic locations. The low-cost carrier EasyJet operates a large number of routes to the city, and can be a good option for finding some flight deals. Another possibility is to fly to the nearby airports of Grenoble or Geneva, which both can be accessed easily with flights from Newcastle, Edinburgh and other UK airports and so consequently can be an alternative for getting cheap flights to the region.

A must for tourists visiting the city is a guided tour of the Traboules, which can be found in Vieux Lyon. The city's world famous Traboules are atmospheric and elaborately designed internal passages that hold an abundance of hidden secrets, such as ornate spiral staircases and clandestine corridors. The Musée Miniature et Cinéma (Miniature and Cinema Museum) is situated in a 16th Century building, Maison des Avocat, and is the brainchild of miniaturist Dan Ohlmann. This fabulous museum houses more than 120 miniature models, and a vast collection of film sets and miniature objects. The Opéra de Lyon was originally built in 1826, but the former theatre underwent a drastic reconstruction and was reopened in its current form in 1993. Topped by a majestic glass dome that can be seen throughout the city, the Opera House is now home to a variety of music and cultural events.

Flight destination: Lyon

Once your flight to the city has landed, there is an excellent "tram-train" service to the city called Rhônexpress. This relatively new service is faster and more reliable than the service it replaced: taking a mere 30 minutes to reach the city. The Rhônexpress replaces the outdated bus service, so your only other option to get to the city is a taxi. A major taxi rank can be found outside the main terminal building, and a journey can cost between 40 and 50 euros depending on your exact destination within the city. For a family or large group a taxi can be quite a cost effective way to reach the city.

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