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Flights to Mahebourg from £460

Mahebourg is an idyllic city on the southeastern coast of Mauritius. Although built originally by the Dutch, the city was named after the most popular French governor Mahe de la Bourdonnais, who successfully established the French colonial rule over the island. Lying on the shores of the biggest lagoon in the country, Mahebourg, once a major slave market, is now a popular tourist spot, providing a wonderful alternative to those who are done with the crowded beaches and bustling cities of the island. The historical and cultural identity of the region is still visible in its buildings, streets, museums and markets. A stroll along the seaside offers beautiful views of the nearby popular islands, including Ile aux Fouquets, Ile au Phare and Ile de la Passe. You should be able to find affordable fares with our online flight comparison tool. Search for a cheap flight to Mahebourg from anywhere in the UK, including indirect flights from Edinburgh, Birmingham and many other airports and you will be lost in the pristine beauty and nonchalance of this small, unspoilt coastal city.

Flight destination: Mahebourg

Before you make a dash for the beaches of the coast, take the time to explore this wonderful city, starting with its colourful market. The sleepy village becomes animated on market day. Every Monday, the traditional and colourful stalls of tropical fruits, exotic spices, fresh vegetables and unique handicrafts offer a taste of the customs and habits of the local people. Mingle with the locals and don't forget to barter if something catches your eye. If you've had your fill of present day Mahebourg and want to explore further back in time, then head to the Naval Museum which, housed in a beautiful 18th century Creole mansion, is home to interesting historical artefacts of Mahebourg, including ancient maps, bells and a rare porcelain collection from shipwrecks, all of which provide a glimpse into the great naval Battle of Grand Port. You can also discover the culture of the rural island inhabitants as you visit the well-preserved Mauritian village settlement within the museum. Walk further down the museum road and you will come across Biscuiterie Rault, the country's oldest biscuit factory. Established in 1870, the factory provides a special inside tour to show how the popular Manioc biscuits are made. You also get to taste this local speciality with a cup of delicious Mauritian tea.

Now a trip to Mahebourg obviously wouldn't be complete without soaking up the sun and enjoying the expanse of white sandy beach. Take advantage of your time on the beach and put on your snorkelling gear. In the evening, enjoy local entertainment in one of the many bars downtown or spend a memorable evening at the new casino Mahebourg. The new waterfront complex is also a great setting to enjoy a sunset stroll along with your family and friends.

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  • Glasgow - Mahebourg

    25/07/2017 2 stop(s) Duration 24h55
    31/07/2017 1 stop(s) Duration 30h30
    from £941.80
  • Birmingham - Mahebourg

    16/07/2018 1 stop(s) Duration 17h15
    15/08/2018 1 stop(s) Duration 22h45
    from £897.00
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