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Flights to Managua from £469

Managua is the capital and largest city of Nicaragua. Located on the southwestern shore of Lake Managua, the city on the outlook appears less of a metropolis without a downtown centre with streets without names. However, if you are willing to delve beneath the surface, you can uncover some amazing finds in this earthquake shattered land. The city is home to some of the country's most significant landmarks and museums and offers a vibrant nightlife, several dinning and shopping options. For those who want to learn everything about the country's rich history and arts, Palacio Nacional de la Cultura is the place to go. You can find splendid art work that date back to the 16th century, when the Spanish arrived. For finding a cheap flight to Managua, you can use our online flight comparison tool. Almost instantly, you will be able to find a low-cost flight solution that best suits you.

Flight destination: Managua

The Parque Histórico Nacional Loma, situated high upon a hill, is a must-see attraction in the city, popular for its exquisite views, impressive historical artifacts and adventurous canopy tour. Another historical hotspot of the city is Centro Cultural Managua. This cultural centre hosts arts-and-crafts exhibitions and festivals that pay tribute to the country's eventful history. You can't miss visiting the Masaya Valcano, Nicaragua's first and largest national park, which houses one of the most active volcanoes in the region. A nocturnal tour of Masaya Valcano would truly be an unforgettable experience as you can witness the red glow of the lava, which light up the entire surroundings. If you reach the park at sunset, you might spot some of the beautiful green parakeets(chocoyo) returning to their roosts in the crater. For souvenirs, visit Roberto Huembes and experience authentic street market shopping as you buy some excellent handicrafts, including python and crocodile skin bags. The nightlife in the city is sure to make your travel experience all the more memorable. Whether you like to dance, gamble the night away or simply relax trying the local cuisine with a glass Nicaraguan rum, Managua will leave you spoilt for choice.

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  • London - Managua

    American Airlines
    14/08/2017 2 stop(s) Duration 16h53
    American Airlines
    21/08/2017 1 stop(s) Duration 18h00
    from £654.05
  • Glasgow - Managua

    Delta Airlines
    17/08/2017 2 stop(s) Duration 38h09
    Delta Airlines
    24/08/2017 2 stop(s) Duration 20h40
    from £544.89
  • Birmingham - Managua

    Austrian Airlines
    20/08/2017 2 stop(s) Duration 42h03
    Austrian Airlines
    27/08/2017 2 stop(s) Duration 39h37
    from £666.99
  • Bristol - Managua

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  • Manchester - Managua

    Virgin Atlantic
    29/08/2017 2 stop(s) Duration 17h50
    Virgin Atlantic
    05/09/2017 2 stop(s) Duration 40h10
    from £536.99
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