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Flights to Manila from £402

Manila, which translates to 'City of Man' is the capital of the Philippines and is the second largest municipal in the country. It is one of more than a dozen cities that make up the National Capital Region and is bordered by Navotas and Quezon City. Nearly two million people live here making this city the second most densely populated in the Philippines. Flights to Manila can be purchased with airlines such as Emirates and are available from several locations in Europe. Manila flights from London are also attainable and our online comparison tool can assist you if necessary. By using this application you will be able to compare promotions on the internet and select a cheap flight to Manila.This city is truly established in regards to its contributions to the arts, entertainment, education, commerce, finance and tourism making it a hub for the cultural and economic heritage of the Philippines. Finding a cheap flight from Manchester will not disappoint you and will present you with opportunities to sample the splendour of this city which is over 1000 years old.

Flight destination: Manila

One of the best ways to get around Philippine capital is to use the elevated metro system. It is fast, efficient and fairly cheap so if you plan to use this system regularly, you may want to consider purchasing a stored value ticket. This will save you some money and also you will avoid long ques during rush hour. Trains on the heavy rail line arrive at half hour intervals and operate until the early evening. Other methods of travel include taxi, pedicab and tricycle. The Philippine capital is bursting with attractions, many of which will shock your senses and send your personal fascination tally to new markers. The Malacanang Palace is an impressive structure which is home to the president and San Agustin Church is a National Historic Landmark. Rizal Park and Fort Santiago will also dazzle you.

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