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Flights to Marrakech: the city of Souks from £123

Marrakech is a city based in the country of Morocco located in the northwest region of the continent of Africa. The city is based north of the Atlas Mountains and is roughly 1000 years old. It is one of the cultural hubs of Morocco and numerous cultural events occur here including the Berber Festival. Several international airlines including British Airways and Easyjet fly to this location regularly and tickets to Marrakech are available from European locations including via flights to Madrid and Paris. If you are looking to depart from London on a direct Marrakech flight, you may benefit from using our online comparison tool. By using this feature you will be able to compare hundreds of promotions across the market and select a cheap flight to Marrakech at a time that suits you.The cuisine alone should be ample reason to search for a cheap flight to Marrakech from London as the local dishes are bursting with flavour. The food here has so much character and is heavily spiced with a variety of ingredients such as turmeric and cinnamon, however most dishes are relatively mild. The city is surrounded by groves of oranges, lemons and olives and this city has a well established tea culture too.

Flight destination: Marrakech

Petit and grand taxis are the best way to get from the airport to the city and although there is a price board at the terminal which details the prices to various districts in the city, most drivers don't usually follow it. The number 19 bus also makes trips from the airport to a number of locations in the city every half hour. This beautiful city has many interesting and scenic places to visit and numerous buildings of cultural and historic importance. The Menara and Majorelle Gardens are well worth a visit and there are over half a dozen palaces here which should be explored by first timers to this city. Some of these include the Bahia and El Badi Palaces and the Saadian Tombs are an incredible piece of architecture.

Latest searches for cheap Marrakech flights

  • London - Marrakech

    Ryanair LTD
    08/11/2017 Direct flight Duration 03h30
    Ryanair LTD
    15/11/2017 Direct flight Duration 03h45
    from £58.45
  • Glasgow - Marrakech

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  • Birmingham - Marrakech

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  • Bristol - Marrakech

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  • Manchester - Marrakech

    11/11/2017 Direct flight Duration 03h55
    25/11/2017 Direct flight Duration 03h55
    from £121.29
  • Edinburgh - Marrakech

    08/11/2017 1 stop(s) Duration 06h50
    16/11/2017 1 stop(s) Duration 13h35
    from £189.43
  • Leeds - Marrakech

    03/11/2017 1 stop(s) Duration 15h40
    06/11/2017 1 stop(s) Duration 14h30
    from £290.25
  • Liverpool - Marrakech

    21/11/2017 Direct flight Duration 03h55
    28/11/2017 Direct flight Duration 03h55
    from £116.08
  • Cardiff - Marrakech

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  • Belfast - Marrakech

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  • Newcastle - Marrakech

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  • Aberdeen - Marrakech

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  • Bournemouth - Marrakech

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  • Southampton - Marrakech

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  • Dublin - Marrakech

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Cheap flights to Marrakech 

Encounter snake charmers, sample exotic spices or relax with a hammam for less when you compare cheap flights to Marrakech using Easy Voyage's online flight comparator tool. This handy tool allows travellers the opportunity to track low cost airline tickets to Marrakech from UK airports recorded over the past 12 months in order to determine the best time to find your cheap flights to Marrakech. From the price history graphs found below it is clear that there is little variation in the price of departures from Manchester. Nevertheless, those searching for the cheapest deals on flights to Marrakech should note that departures from London airports historically bring the lowest prices, especially in December. On the other hand, March and September are airline prices reach their maximum price at these times.

When comparing your cheap flights to Marrakech it is worth taking into consideration the local weather of this alluring holiday destination as Marrakech has an arid climate with very hot summers which can be uncomfortable for British travellers. Why not make the most of the deals to Marrakech on offer in December and spend Christmas or New Year in a pleasantly warm metropolis instead. Adventurous types may even want to think about participating in the tradition of spending the night in the desert to welcome the New Year! Similarly, find cheap UK to Marrakech flights for April and witness the famous Marathon des Sables (Sand Marathon) when competitors from all over the world race across the Moroccan desert. Nevertheless, regardless of when you decide to fly to Marrakech for less, you must visit Djemaa El-Fna, Marrakech's famous market square where snake charmers and musicians delight spectators with their performances and you can pick up some amazing bargains.

Please note that the departure date and weather are not the only factors to be taken into consideration when finding cheap flights to Marrakech. Airline tickets to Morocco can often vary in price depending on the chosen budget company so be sure to compare a range of low cost airline companies before confirming your deal to Marrakech. Royal Air Maroc and British Airways are two examples of such companies offering direct flights to Marrakech, and there are many similar deals available for travellers who do not mind flying with fixed dates or stopovers.

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