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Flights to Mombasa and its beautiful beaches from £376

Mombasa is the second largest city in the African nation of Kenya and has a population of over one million residents. This cultural and economical hub is situated on the east coast of Kenya and is also met by the Indian Ocean. It has a large port and has famously become a major trading centre. Over a dozen international airlines travel frequently to this Kenyan city and flights to Mombasa are available from most European cities. Booking airline tickets from London airports is easy to do with the use of our online comparison tool. This device will help you scan for online promotions until you find a cheap flight to Mombasa.This city is home to the largest seaport. Finding a cheap flight to Mombasa will mean you join over a million tourists who visit here every year. You will find yourself in the centre of Kenyan culture and will be able to enjoy the fine cuisine, traditional sporting traditions and thriving nightlife.

Flight destination: Mombasa

This city boasts one of the best transport networks in Kenya making travel easy and stress-free. There is a varied system of buses, minivans and rickshaws in operation during the daytime - all cheap and reliable options. Tuk tuks are also inexpensive and trains to Nairobi depart every two or three days. There are dozens of beautiful attractions for you to enjoy and explore at your leisure. Haller Park is a nature reserve within the city boundaries and if you head a little further afield, you can enjoy the wonders of the Shimba Hills National Reserve. Other attractions include Diani Beach and Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary.

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  • London - Mombasa

    Air France
    24/03/2018 2 stop(s) Duration 34h10
    Air France
    04/04/2018 2 stop(s) Duration 14h50
    from £561.70
  • Glasgow - Mombasa

    17/03/2018 2 stop(s) Duration 15h40
    24/03/2018 2 stop(s) Duration 17h15
    from £463.77
  • Birmingham - Mombasa

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  • Bristol - Mombasa

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  • Manchester - Mombasa

    06/03/2018 2 stop(s) Duration 24h05
    20/03/2018 2 stop(s) Duration 22h10
    from £414.34
  • Edinburgh - Mombasa

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  • Newcastle - Mombasa

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  • Aberdeen - Mombasa

    British Airways
    03/03/2018 2 stop(s) Duration 28h45
    British Airways
    18/03/2018 2 stop(s) Duration 15h15
    from £566.45
  • Bournemouth - Mombasa

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