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Flights to Montpellier from £68

Montpellier is a small city, capital of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, in the south of France. It is one of the most beautiful French cities on the Mediterranean, offering a great historical and cultural variety, besides excellent local cuisine. The main square, Place de la Comédie, known locally as l'Oeuf, the Egg, given its particular shape, is one of Europe's largest open pedestrian areas, with many bistros facing it, a classical statue of the Three Graces in the centre, and an Opera House on one of its sides: it is the cultural heart of the city. Another particularly interesting part of the city is the Antigone District, a modern district designed by the Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill, and the Esplanade du Peyrou, with its beautiful esplanade, a panoramic view, a Roman aqueduct and a typically French Arc de Triomphe. The city's airport connects the city with domestic flights to destinations in France (like Paris and Lyon) and with international flights from London, Munich, Rome and other European cities. If you're looking for a direct flight you will have the best selection from London, however travellers ought to be aware that although a flight with a stopover increases the journey time, it may be possible to find cheaper prices for these flights, such as flights from East Midlands for example. Our online flight comparison tool can help you compare flights according to your desired UK departure airport and your departure dates. It compares prices across the market to find the best offer to suit your budget.

Flight destination: Montpellier and its surrounding areas

Montpellier's city centre has good connections with the airport, as it only takes 15 minutes by bus or taxi to make the journey. Once in the city, you can buy the Montpellier City Card, which not only gives you access to the city's public transport, but also, depending on the card you buy, free entry to sights, discounts on museums, eateries, spas and other leisure facilities. Additional information can be found at the city's Tourist Office. Besides the beauties of the city itself, which include an impressive greenhouse, and the excellent local cuisine, Montpellier is only a stone's throw from UNESCO Heritage Sites, such as the medieval city of Carcassone, the Canal du Midi and the Pont du Gard (a truly impressive Roman aqueduct). Make the most of the region's excellent cuisine, its selection of fine food and wines. If you wish to continue your trip onwards into France, and discover this beautiful country, the city has good rail connections and is relatively close to cities like Perpignan, Toulouse, Nimes and Marseille. Otherwise, you can take a domestic flight, and visit cities such as Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux.

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