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Flights to Nagoya from £455

Nagoya, with a population of over two million people, is one of Japan's most important economic centres, located in the centre of the country's main island, Honshu. Although the city was mostly destroyed during World War II, its oldest districts and sights were completely rebuilt, alongside new buildings and skyscrapers. Its cultural heritage dates back as far as several thousand years ago, and much has been done to preserve this. The city's Castle, destroyed during the war and later reconstructed following the original 17th century design, was home to the legendary warlord Oda Nobunaga. You can visit this complex, and imagine you're reliving the atmosphere of the Shogun era. The Atsuta Shrine, almost 2,000 years old, has many relics, such as the sacred sword Kusanagi, and many festivals are held in this Shinto shrine every year. The airport has excellent connections with the rest of Japan and international flights to cities such as Beijing, Abu Dhabi, Frankfurt, Bangkok and Seoul. If you're searching for a cheap flight from London, you can use our online comparison tool, so you can compare and purchase the flight option you want.

Flight destination: Nagoya

Chubu Centrair Internation Airport has good connections with Nagoya city centre: a train takes about 30 minutes to make the journey, whereas a bus or taxi will take about an hour. Once in the city, Nagoya does not have its specific tourist card, giving access to public transport and museums. Nevertheless, there are many tourist information centres in the city, so you can easily obtain all the necessary information to make your way around the city, and find out interesting activities to do.Besides its long history, Nagoya is also a thriving and powerful trading centre, whose symbol are the JR Central Towers, standing at 245 metres and the Lucent Tower skyscraper. A visit to the city wouldn't be complete if you don't see a Noh drama theatre representation: Nagoya is considered the heart of this art form in Japan.If you wish to see more of Japan, the city has excellent rail connections with other important cities in the country: the famous bullet train links it to Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto.

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