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Flights to Ouarzazate from £135

Known as the 'door of the desert', Ouarzazate is one of the most loved holiday destinations in Morocco. A cheap flight to Ouarzazate will truly take you to the gateway of the romantic Sahara desert on the one hand, and a bustling, culturally fascinating city on the other. Take a flight to Ouarzazate and enjoy a camel ride across the desert before sitting to sip some traditional mint leaf tea in the meandering streets of the kasbah or 'fortress town'. A cheap flight to Ouarzazate is also a must for film buffs, as this region of North Africa is home to the largest film studios in the world, Atlas Studios, where such classics as The Mummy Returns were created. Take a hike or a tour bus ride down the Draa River and marvel at the splendour of the neighbouring oases, complete with waving palm trees and rich vegetation. A flight here will bring you to the lively heart of Morocco, complete with sumptuous cloth wares, luxuriously spiced meats to eat, and rose-scented hookah cafes.

Flight destination: Ouarzazate

The town offers both public and private bus services. Travellers can thus opt either to take a CTM public bus from the airport to the centre of town, or hire a private one to take them right to a specific destination. Getting around town is very easy: as well as these two types of bus services, there are also some great taxi services dotted throughout the city. Both 'grand' and 'petit' (or 'large' and 'small') taxis are available, and a Petit Taxi will take you the 3 kilometer journey from the airport to the town centre for a reasonable fee. If you would like to stay in a hotel close to the airport, making it extra convenient to catch your flight home, there is an Ibis hotel just over a mile away from the airport. However, there are some other hotels in Ouarzazate. For instance, Le Temple Des Artes boasts some gorgeous suites and smaller rooms, each of which is (true to Ouarzazate's status as the location of the famous Atlas Film Studios) inspired by a film. Whichever hotel you choose, it will be be a great place from which to explore the fantastic sights in this region of Morocco. The city is very tourist-oriented, and almost every day regular tour buses (run by companies such as Supra Tours) take visitors to amazing locations like the lush oases near to the Draa River or the legendary Atlas Studios.

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    Sun 13 Nov - Sat 19 Nov