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Flights to Perth: Western Australia's biggest city from £597

Perth is one of the best destinations to visit if you want an exceptionally fun and exciting retreat. Located in Western Australia, this city has a lot of things to offer to any tourist; so whether you need to take a family holiday or just unwind with a spouse, you can be assured of a wonderful experience here. This city has some of the best beaches in Australia, and these include Cottesloe Beach, City Beach, and Scarborough's Beach and if you are looking to sample the best vegetarian or pescetarian dishes, Restaurant Amuse is one place that will treat you to an exquisite menu. If you want to relax, sample some local crafts and interact with locals, you could take a tour to Swan Valley where you can sample some of the finest wines and chocolates. Everything considered, what matters most is how you get to the city. Before you settle on any flight, it's good to make price comparisons so you are sure to get hold of a cheap flight to the city. The area is well served by Perth Airport, and this means you can be sure to get a direct Perth flight from London regardless of the time of your visit. However, those wishing to fly from Humberside and some of the other smaller airports around the UK will have to catch a connection from the capital.

Flight destination: Perth

The city is very easy to access from the airport, seeing as it only takes around 20 to 30 minutes by car or bus. Also, taxis are available throughout the day; therefore you can be confident of swift transportation regardless of the arrival time scheduled for your flight. However, when you have already made effort to compare prices and get a ticket for a cheap flight, you wouldn't want to spend on any needless items. So, in case you need to wait at the airport for any reason, you can keep busy in the free internet booths, and if you are traveling with kids, they can have a good time in the numerous children's' play areas. Though, there are also some great places you can tour around the airport. For the art lovers, the Art Gallery of Western Australia is one of the best places to visit because it stocks the finest aboriginal Art collections. On the other hand, King's park is great for nature walks; it has striking monuments and walking trails, and provides impressive views of the beautiful city.

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