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Flights to Philippines: a sun worshipper's idea of heaven from £592

The Philippines is an island nation which floats in the western Pacific ocean in south east Asia. Consisting of over 7000 islands, it is one of the largest archipelagos in the world. Most major airlines including Air France and Ethiad Airways have flights to the Philippines on a daily basis and several low cost services can be found with these operators. Direct flights to the Philippines can occasionally be snapped up on the internet meaning travel time is reduced to less than 24 hours. Indirect routes add a few extra hours onto travel time due to stopovers. By using comparison tools, it is also possible to secure cheap flights to the Philippines. The best time to secure a cheap flight to this beautiful country is to book well ahead of time or alternatively browse the web for a last minute offer.Some of the most commonly used airports in the country include Manilla and Cagayan de Oro. A direct flight to Manilla from London will take just under 15 hours while flying to Cagayan de Oro will take more than 20 hours because of detours.

Our deals on flights to Philippines

  • Swiss

    London Manila

    Thu 03 Nov - Tue 15 Nov

  • KLM

    London Manila

    Wed 16 Nov - Tue 17 Jan

  • Kuwait Airways

    London Manila

    Tue 06 Dec - Fri 03 Mar

  • Turkish Airlines

    London Manila

    Wed 22 Jun - Mon 04 Jul

  • Singapore Airlines

    London Manila

    Tue 06 Dec - Wed 26 Apr

  • Qatar Airways

    London Manila

    Thu 11 Aug - Wed 08 Feb

  • scoot

    London Manila

    Tue 31 May - Sat 23 Jul

Compare airfares to Philippines:

Although there are no direct flights on offer between the UK and the Philippines, it is easy to find cheap flights to the Philippines with one or two stopovers. There are a number of airline companies to choose from when searching for low cost flights from the UK to the Philippines, ranging from Asian companies such as Cathay Pacific and Malaysia Airlines, to Middle Eastern ones like Qatar Airways and Gulf Air. Discount flights to the Philippines generally start at around 600 for a return flight from London to Manila. The cheapest flights to the Philippines are those departing during the rainy season from July to November. However, while the cost of airline tickets may be lower, the temperature is one to watch out for as it can often be a little whimsical and there is an ever-present risk of typhoons. If you wish to take advantage of the more pleasant weather in the Philippines it is preferable to fly between January and June but prices are, unfortunately, a little steeper. Having said that, we have noticed that it is possible to find cheap flights for just after the New Year so be sure to check out our January flight deals if you are keen on experiencing the good weather. It is also advisable not to fly during the school holidays. Instead, avoid the crowds and travel for less. You need not be worried about the cold either since the temperature in the Philippines never drops below 25C during the day and 20C at night!

Philippines Agenda -Find all practical information

January 9: Feast of The Black Nazarene - This festival marks a sacred treasure that was sailed from Mexico to Manilla in the 1600's. Thousands line the streets in an afternoon procession that can be heard for miles around.April: Moriones Festival - Taking place during holy week, this is one of the most anticipated Philippine festivals and one which sees the streets of Boac and Magpoc lit up with colour as locals dress in Roman attire to reenact times passed. May 14: Carabao Festival - Local farmers honour their patron saints by decorating their Carabao carts in vibrant colours and filling them with barrels of their own produce.September 16 - 18: Lemlunay (T'Boli Tribal Festival) - Based on Lake Sebu, this authentic festival features tribal rituals which include native dancing and gong music.November: Grand Cordillera Festival - This festival takes place in Baguio city and is a celebration of life on earth. Tribes gather from across the region and perform a number of thanksgiving rituals.

Latest searches for cheap Philippines flights

  • Ryanair LTD

    London Davao

    Thu 08 Sep - Mon 31 Oct

  • Easyjet

    Manchester Cagayan De Oro

    Mon 24 Oct - Mon 14 Nov

  • Wizz Air

    London Butuan

    Sat 25 Jun - Sat 02 Jul

  • Wizz Air

    London Dipolog

    Thu 23 Jun - Thu 30 Jun

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