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Flights to Reggio Calabria from £120

Reggio Calabria is the largest city in the southern region of Calabria, in Italy. Its history stretches back, impressively, almost four millennia! Over this period, it has been a pre-Greek, Greek, Roman, Sicilian, Norman, Aragonese and, finally, Italian city. Perhaps the most significant sight you can see in the city are the two Bronzi di Riace, Greek bronze statues which were discovered only four decades ago. Alternatively, you can visit the National Museum dedicated to Magna Grecia, with items from sites that were, effectively, the Ancient Greek colonies. Just a few miles north of the city is the small town of Scilla, which preserves much of its Greek origins and has some of the best sword fish in the country: enjoy the view from the Ruffo Castle (on the coast) and the beaches surrounding it. Sitting on the Strait of Messina, from the city you can enjoy views of Sicily and, in particular, Mount Etna. The city's airport is quite small and only operates domestic flights to cities such as Rome, Milan, Venice, Turin and Genoa. If you're looking for a cheap flight (leaving from London or anywhere else), you can use our online flight comparison tool to find the best option for you.

Flight destination: Reggio Calabria

Once you arrive, you can get into the city centre by taxi or by bus. You can buy a Discover Calabria Tourist Card, which gives you a range of discounts and free accesses across the entire region, which Reggio Calabria is part of.Other landmarks in the city are the cathedrals, the ruins of the Roman baths, the Cilea Theatre (offering both musical and theatrical representations), and the church St Gaetano Catanoso, made saint only a few years ago. Alternatively, enjoy a stroll through Reggio Calabria's main road, Giudecca Street, or sunbathe on the city's beaches. A visit to Aspromonte National Park can give you breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, from a mountain range really close to the sea. In terms of the local cuisine, the Bergamotto liquor, similar to limoncello, is the city's most notable liquor; the region is best known for its spiced food, thanks to sopressata and 'nduja, as well as cured meats, caciocavallo cheese and Tropea red onions. Reggio Calabria is only one of the beautiful locations in the region, together with Catanzaro, Tropea and Cosenza; alternatively, hop over the Strait to Sicily, to Messina and Mount Etna.

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