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Flights to Samos from £158

Samos is situated in the north-eastern part of the Aegean Sea. The beautiful small island is filled with pristine white sand beaches, fishing harbours and scenic villages, and it is renowned for its high quality wine. The island is home to the mythical birthplace of Hera, the wife and sister of Zeus. At the seaside settlement of Heraion, you can find the largest temple in Greece, exclusively dedicated to the goddess of women and marriage. A UNESCO world heritage site, it is now in ruins and only one of the 155 gigantic columns of the temple still stands, indicating the mammoth size of this place of worship. The island is also the birthplace of the legendary figures, including Pythagoras, the father of mathematics, Aristarchus, the astronomer, and Epicurus, the philosopher. To find a cheap flight to Samos from Manchester, or any other destination in the UK, you can take advantage of our online flight comparison tool. It will help you easily compare prices of hundreds of airlines across the market in order to find the best deal to suit your budget.

Flight destination: Samos

Climb up the imposing mountains of Mt.Kerkis, an inactive volcano, and reach its highest peak Mt.Vigla, at an altitude of 1,400 m. The hike will give you the chance to see more than 1,400 endemic species of plants and dozens of bird and animal varieties, many of which are unique to the region. On the slopes of Mt. Kerkis, you can find the 'Cave of Pythagoras' where it is believed that Pythagoras spent much of his life. Sarakini Tower, a magnificent 16th century structure, Timios Stavros, a monastery with an impressive throne and Agia Zoni, a 17th century convent, are some of the historic attractions you will come across as you wander around the settlements. If you are after the beaches, the island has plenty to offer too. The south coast of the island is home to several beaches, among them are Tsamados, Lemonakia, Kokkari, Potami, Tsambou and Votsalakia, offering a range of recreational options. Night owls can make the most of the relaxed but vibrant confines of bars, taverns and cafes in the towns of Vathy, Pythagorio and Karlovassi. Don't leave the island without tasting their famous Samos Muscat, which has a history of its own and holds an exceptional place in the French wine market.

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