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Flights to Sarajevo from £153

Sarajevo is, arguably, one of the most interesting cities in Southeastern Europe. It is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the southeast of the country. Historically, this city has been the meeting point of different empires, cultures and religions (and unfortunately has often been the site of war for being this meeting point). A symbol of the city's multiculturalism is its Old Town, which has a mosque, a Catholic church, an Orthodox church and a Synagogue within walking distance. One of the symbols of the city is the wooden Sebilj Fountain, in the Ottoman style, in the middle of the Old Town. Interestingly, the Old Town is also home to the only Ottoman Inn in the city, which was mainly used in the Middle Ages by traders. The city's airport is the largest in the country and the main gateway to Bosnia, with connections to Bosnian and European cities, such as Istanbul, Munich, Stuttgart, Zagreb, Banja Luka and Copenhagen. If you're looking for a cheap flight from London or elsewhere, use our online flight comparison tool to find and compare different options, and buying the flight that you prefer.

Flight destination: Sarajevo

The airport is connected to the city centre by taxi and various bus lines. Once you arrive, you can buy a SarajevoCard, which gives tourists a range of advantages. Not only do you get free access to the Museum of Sarajevo, but also discounts on hotels, gastronomy, cultural activities, leisure and entertainment facilities, shopping and guided tours.Sarajevo is an incredibly fast-growing city, and the famous Lonely Planet guide named it one of the top ten cities to visit as recently as 2010. The assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914, the event which sparked World War I, occurred in this city, on the Latin Bridge, which is still visible today. There are many more sights to see in the city, such as the Yellow Fortress, the City Hall and the Cemeteries of those who died during the Bosnian Independence War. The local cuisine is typical of Southeastern Europe, and should not be missed, with specialties such as baklava, jagnjetina (grilled lamb) and cevapcici (minced meat sausages). Other places to visit in Bosnia are Konjic, Mostar, Srebrenica and Jajce.

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