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Flights to Savannah from £498

Savannah is one of the oldest cities in the United States founded around in the 18th century and is located in the state of Georgia. Attracting millions of tourists annually due to its historical importance, this city is home to one of the first public museums established in the south of the US. Served by airlines such as Iberia and KLM, flights to Savannah are available from most European cities. If you are looking for Savannah flights departing from London, you can use our online comparison tool. This will search the internet for the best deals available and from there you will be able to book a cheap flight to Savannah.Crammed with culture, this city boasts various musical institutions including the Coastal Jazz Association and Armstrong Atlantic Youth Orchestra. A number of famous heavy metal bands originate here including Baroness and this city is also home to various performing arts academies. Several music festivals occur here every year and the many historic forts, homes and religious buildings located here define Savannah as a city of massive cultural importance.

Flight destination: Savannah

A variety of public transport networks exist here which will get you from the airport to the city centre quickly and comfortably. Chantham Area Transit and the K shuttle service are the most heavily utilised modes of airport transfer. Although the city of Savannah is a wonderful place to enjoy a stroll, bus and rail systems are also cheap and easy to use. There are countless historical, cultural and entertainment attractions here so visiting them all will be challenging. However some of the most interesting features of this city include Bonaventure Cemetery, Forsyth Park, Summer Waves, the Telfair Museum of Art, Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Fort McAllister Historic Park and the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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