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Flights to Seattle: the home of the Seattle Seahawks from £331

Seattle is one of the fastest growing city's in the United States, enjoying something of a re-birth after some difficult times. It has long been an important centre for the performing arts having spawned a number of important musical movements, a tradition that continues to this day. The city is also an enormously important business centre, with one of the largest and busiest ports in the United States. A huge number of cheap flights land at the city every single day and its dual role as popular tourist destination and important business hub make Seattle one of the most accessible city's in the US. Be sure to use an online flight comparison site to compare prices for flights from Glasgow, London or any other UK airport and secure the cheapest possible deal. The city has a number of world famous sites for visitors to enjoy, both natural and cultural. The breath taking Seattle skyline is a testament to modern architecture and innovation while Pike Place Market offers one of the most authentic shopping experiences you are ever likely to enjoy. With a world renowned symphony orchestra and a number of well respected theatres and arts centres the city has a plethora of exciting and engaging things for an adventurous visitor to enjoy. The main airport in Seattle is the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport which hosts regular onward flights to destinations around the USA so why not continue your american adventure with flights to Orlando, for example?

Flight destination: Seattle

A light rail service is the most popular mode of transport around the city offering extensive services to all the main retail, business and leisure districts as well as a connection to the city's main rail terminal. The city interstate is also popular but should be used sparingly as traffic does build up and delays do occur. There is also a city bus service that is cheap and reliable, day and week long travel passes are available and offer visitors the chance to travel extensively for less. Seattle has so much to offer anyone who visits. From the beautiful Green Lake Park to Benaroya Hall and Sefaco Field the city is alive with things to do and see. Organise a cheap flight through a reputable comparison website and be sure to take a trip to this incredible city.

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