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Flights to Syracuse from £451

Syracuse, New York, not to be confused with Siracusa, Sicily for which the city is named is an ethnically diverse city in the northeast United States with about 145,000 inhabitants. Individual neighbourhoods each with its own spirit contribute to making Syracuse the multi-cultural dynamic centre that it is. The city has large populations of Irish, Italian, Hispanic, African-American, and German residents. To gethere, you can take a flight through one of 16 airlines, six of which are major carriers offering connections to hundreds of international and domestic destinations. Online comparison shopping is the best way to secure a cheap flight to this area of New York.The city is a unique blend of heritages and they are reflected in its most popular attractions. For those eager to investigate culinary pursuits, Syracuse boasts a vast array of options, from flavoursome Latin food to contemporary European entrees. Music plays an important role in this robust metropolis and every year people take a flight just to participate in the outdoor festivals which feature live jazz. Art lovers can spend hours exploring the Everson Museum which showcases early American paintings, drawings, pottery and sculptures dating as far back as the 18th century.

Flight destination: Syracuse

Newcomers won't have much trouble moving around Syracuse thanks to the Centro which routinely bring passengers to their destinations via four interstate highways and local roadways. If you have access to a vehicle, why not take a day trip to the Finger Lakes community? Just an hours drive away, the scenic area is known for its serene waters, rolling hills and over 100 wineries and vineyards. Tourists will appreciate the many parks and green and spaces scattered throughout the city. In summer months people can be found biking, rollerblading and picnicking in these areas. A highlight of your trip to Syracuse cpiimd well be the Burnet Park which in 1901 became the first public golf course opened in the United States.Whether you fly to Syracuse for business, vacation, or are visiting family, there are many trouble-free ways to purchase airline tickets and find a cheap flight.

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