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Flights to Turin from £100

Torino, with its hillside villas and sensational Alpine backdrop to the city, has an extremely beautiful natural setting and is a must see. What is even better is that a cheap flight from the UK, whether you are flying from Glasgow, Gatwick or another city could have you there in just a couple of hours. Located in the Piedmont region in the north of Italy, Torino is just a short drive from both the French border and the Mediterranean Sea, and is also a gateway to the Alps. The city is on the banks of the River Po and a flight here will mean shopping, great restaurants and world class entertainment. The Mole Antonelliana is the city's most iconic building, with its 167.5 metre dome and a spire which dominates the skyline. It is the highest masonry structure in Europe and now houses one of the best cinemas in Italy. Visit Valentino Park in the centre of the city on the banks of the Po, or explore one of the museums of which the most famous is the Egyptian Museum which has the most notable collection of ancient Egyptian treasures outside Cairo.

Flight destination: Torino

If your flight to Torino is a charter service, a shuttle service into the city will most likely be included, but if not there are several options available once you arrive at the terminal. You may decide to use what you saved on a cheap flight to hire a car, and most major car rental firms are represented in the terminal. Although there is a train service available, it goes from Porta Dora which fairly unconvenient for most visitors. However, a good SADEM bus service runs every 30-40 minutes from the airport and for around just seven euros, which is payable on board, you will arrive at the far more accessible Porto Nuova train station in about 40 minutes. You can purchase a Turin + Piemonte Card and it will save you money on many local bus routes, including the airport route. There are also plenty of taxis available.

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