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Virgin Atlantic Flight Information from £434

Compare the flight prices of your airline tickets with Virgin Atlantic , among other airlines or low cost sold through travel agents that we are comparing. Find the best prices with Virgin Atlantic to enjoy your stay. We offer a small listing of the company's history, alliances, customer services and on-board and list of destinations served by Virgin Atlantic.

Virgin Atlantic : Presentation

logo Virgin Atlantic
  • IATA Code: VS
  • Website:
  • Country : United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Telephone number : 0 344 209 7777
  • Call sign : Virgin
  • Headquarters : Sussex, United Kingdom
  • Based at : 4350
  • Fleet size : 41
  • Hand luggage size : 23 x 36 x 56 cm
  • Maximum weight of check in luggage : 32 kg

Find the best fares from Virgin Atlantic

  • Virgin Atlantic

    London New Delhi

    Tue 22 Nov - Tue 06 Dec

  • Virgin Atlantic

    London Hong Kong City

    Mon 06 Mar - Fri 10 Mar

  • Virgin Atlantic

    Manchester Bridgetown

    Wed 01 Feb - Mon 06 Feb

  • Virgin Atlantic

    London Nassau

    Mon 03 Oct - Mon 10 Oct

Virgin Atlantic : History

Virgin Atlantic is a British airline company which belongs to the industrial group Virgin, known particularly for its activity in the musical field. The company is based at the two London airports: Heathrow and Gatwick. Created in 1982 and initially called British Atlantic Airways it was sold to Virgin in 1984. Today, the 41 aircrafts of Virgin Atlantic fly to the five continents: Europe (within the UK and to Munich and Moscow, Asia (Hong Kong, Tokyo...), Africa (Lagos, Johannesburg...), America (Cancun, New York, Los Angeles?) and Oceania (Sydney, Wellington?).

Virgin Atlantic : Information about the airline


The company allows one to two pieces of hand baggage depending on the class. Items must not measure more than 23 x 36 x56cm and each must not weigh more than 10kg. Virgin Atlantic also allows travellers to bring another personal item such as a hand bag or laptop bag. Hold baggage is included in the ticket price but varies according to the class and route: one, two or three bags ranging from 23 to 32 kilos are allowed. Excess baggage will be charged at a price of between 72 and 144 euros on international flights. For bags that exceed the weight limit (fixed at 23kg for Economy class), it is necessary to pay 50 euros extra, no single piece of baggage can weigh more than 32kgs.

Virgin Atlantic offers an online check-in service. It opens 24 hours before departure and closes 2 hours before for international flights and 65 minutes before for domestic flights. If not, one must go to the airline’s desk at the airport. In certain airports (London Heathrow and London Gatwick, Manchester, New York and San Francisco) check-in terminals are available.

Customer and on Board Services Virgin Atlantic

During the flight
Starting from low priced Virgin Atlantic tickets, the whole range of services is offered for long-haul flights: individual touch screens with music, films and series, hot food served at adapted hours and pillows for everyone. Business class passengers can benefit from a private lounge at the airport as well as priority check-in and boarding. Once on board, all the comforts are present: fully reclining seats, gourmet dinners?

After the flight
Virgin Atlantic offers to its passengers the chance to sign up to its loyalty programme: Flying Club. For each flight with the British airline or for purchases with its partners, miles are accumulated. These can then be exchanged into bonuses (upgrades, free tickets...).