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Flights to Winnipeg from £417

Winnipeg is the one of the most famous cities in Canada, with a host of beautiful architectural landmarks. The city is not only a tourism hotspot it is an important site for big business, manufacturing, transport and commerce. Popular with the business and tourist community alike this fast growing world city is served by a number of carriers offering cheap flights to the destination, whether you are looking to fly from Birmingham or London. Travellers ought to be aware that there are currently no direct flights to Winnipeg from the UK. The city is an interesting combination of high culture and vibrant nightlife combining museums, galleries and theatres with a range of nightclubs restaurants and bars. Winnipeg offers something for everyone and provides a fantastic all-round tourist experience. Whether you want to take in the majesty of The Forks or Canwest Place or relax in the beautiful and picturesque Assiniboine Park there is always something to do and see. The North American and Canadian cultures mix to provide an exciting and sometimes unusual tourist experience. Be sure to check flight prices online today with our online comparison tool and find yourself a cheap flight from London, or another UK airport, to this increasingly popular tourists hotspot.

Flight destination: Winnipeg

Most Winnipeg residents' chosen method of transportation is the car since the party has an extensive motorway, interstate and road networks. It is possible however to get around using the bus service which transports visitors to all the major business, leisure and shopping districts in the city. Cycling is also popular in the city and bike rental is available from a number of vendors, cycle lanes are well maintained and used often. Taxi and car hire services are particularly popular amongst visitors although this can become expensive. Winnipeg is a city built on a rich history that continues to grow and develop thanks to its multi cultural and diverse population. With breathtaking architecture and an events calendar that any major city would be proud of, there has never been a better time to visit this incredible place.

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