Gambling destroys families
Disrop N - Easytourist - Posted on 23/09/2020 - 11h23  N Disrop

I recently heard the expression that gambling destroys families. Is this true or just a rumor?

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  • Gordon R  R Gordon Easytourist Posts:10 Registration:10/09/2020
    Thread: Gambling destroys families 23/09/2020 - 15h25

    it's not the rumor, however it depends on the family itself, you know, there are people who are capable of not destroying their whole life just because of they addiction

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  • Julia L  L Julia Easytourist Posts:2 Registration:23/09/2020
    Thread: Gambling destroys families 23/09/2020 - 15h33

    Yeah, actually, you're right. My father was an addict, as my mother would say, however we felt really comfortable, our life was luxurious, my mum has never worked even for a single day to earn money for the family, because dad was in charge of it. I've always had beautiful clothes, great private schools and I haven't seen the problem in the thing that sometimes dad was having a rest and it was poker. My parents are actually retired nowadays, so I'm the one who helps them from time to time. However, my dad still has some sources of extra income. He has recently found and he has never lost or failed there. He says that this service is actually worth trying)

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  • Adrian L  L Adrian Easytourist Posts:6 Registration:10/09/2020
    Thread: Gambling destroys families 23/09/2020 - 15h42

    Cool story! You know, my father was actually an addict, things were not so sweet as you told here. However, being really smart, I decided to be better than my father, I actually decided not to make my father's mistakes and find reliable sources of earning money. You may be surprised, however I am using exactly the same casino you father is. It's coincidence, which shows that this source is actually reliable and not only I use it for earning extra money. I do also have the main job, however why not taking the advantage of this service(clubvip777)?

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