Easyvoyage Forum Guide

How does it work?

As with any forum, participants must register in order to post anything. The Easyvoyage community is open to everyone so posts are visible for all to see. Click on the "Easyvoyage Club" tab at the top of the page to register, and then discover all the benefits of the forum for yourself.

For more details, follow the guide below!

To create
a new discussion

  1. Go to the new discussion
  2. Fill in the categories
  3. Publish the discussion

To participate in
a discussion

  1. Select the discussion
  2. Reply to the thread
  3. Submit the response


You have been redirected,
fill in the registration form

Your contribution is published!

The 5 commandments

Topics for discussion

The issues and queries posted on the Easyvoyage forum should be travel-related. Any discussions not relating to this theme may be removed.

Access to the forum

The forum is a free and accessible space available to everyone. Once registered with Easyvoyage Club, everyone is free to contribute to the message board. Messages are visible to everyone including to those who use search engines to find the site.


Easyvoyage reserves the right to delete any publication that does not correspond to the criteria set out below (see 4: User obligations).

User obligations

Posts on the forum are the full responsibility of the contributor. You must respect Easyvoyage's regulations, both the instructions listed below and the site's general terms and conditions.

Members must not publish messages:

  • that are against the law
  • of a racist, abusive, violent, slanderous, xenophobic, discriminatory or hateful nature
  • that glorify morally questionable behaviour
  • asking false questions

The user agrees to:

  • respect the rights of others
  • respect intellectual property rights (citations)
  • not disclose information from the Easyvoyage forum on other websites without properly citing the source or publication of origin
  • not advertise in publications

In order to allow the forum to run smoothly, users must:

  • write their messages carefully: the title should clearly state their question and should not be identical to a previous topic. Each message should focus on one question at a time and must be written in formal language (no text language or slang).
  • check that their question has not already been answered in the forum
  • be tolerant, polite and courteous
  • use the same identity whenever they contribute. Each message will earn the user points, so be sure to use the same name each time!


Messages are not usually edited or modified and are published immediately. However, if the user does not comply with the rules stated above, their message may be edited or deleted from the forum.

We wish you luck with your discussions and we hope you enjoy discovering the Easyvoyage forum!

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