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By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Our Editorial team's advice

Situated at the entrance of the Loire Valley, Juliomagus (magus: Gaulish market) is the capital of Anjou. Towering above the city, the fortress castle is a token of its powerful past (it was the capital of a kingdom stretching from England to Gascony in the time of the House of Plantagenêt) and is home to one of the world's most famous traditional tapestry manufacturers: the Tenture de l'Apocalypse.
Being a university city, you will certainly enjoy the liveliness of the streets, the gastronomy, and the mild climate, which contribute to the renown of the 'douceur angevine' (sweet life of Anjou).

To see

Saint Maurice Cathedral, overlooking Angers and dating back to the 12th century. This cathedral served as an architectural model in the west of France thanks to its so-called 'Angevin' vaults.

To do

Discover Angers by bike By following the 'Loire à Vélo' (Loire by Bike) trail, you will be able to ride along UNESCO World Heritage listed routes and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Loire and its cultural heritage.

Visit the Anjou Wine Museum. In these ancient cellars, you will discover the history of the famous vineyards of Anjou, the third largest wine-producing region in France. Also, why not take the opportunity to escape to the hills of the small villages, where you can go on some lovely walks among the vineyards.


  • +  Medieval architecture.
  • +  Numerous festivals all year round, especially the Anjou Festival in June-July, the Premiers Plans Festival and the Nov'Art, Trelazé, Tempo Rives Festivals.


  • -  Limited public transport in the evening.

To think about

Taking a trip to the Lac de Maine theme park. Just a 5 minute car ride from the centre of Angers will take you to a relaxing natural setting where you can take part in many activities, such as swimming, golfing, hiking, tennis, windsurfing and canoeing.

To avoid

If you don't like small towns with a historic feel and prefer big cities.

To try

Angevin plum pie, pike-perch in a white butter sauce and Angevin rillaud (pieces of pork belly cooked in lard).

To bring back

A box of Quernons d'Ardoise sweets These sweets consist of caramelised nougat with almonds and hazelnuts coated in blue chocolate, evoking the slates that cover the roofs of the houses in Angers.

Weather Angers

These indicators are used as a set of criteria to predict overall weather conditions in Angers . The different indicators are there to help you prepare for your trip to Angers so you can make plans based on the weather forecast, whether it be a trip to the beach, walking, visiting attractions and museums or winter sports... Here you'll find a precise, overall weather score for each week in Angers , which takes into account temperature indicators, bad weather predictions, sunshine levels and wind speeds.

Weather October
Overall rating 36/100
  • Temperature indicators 16% Very cold

    Maximum temperature not to exceed 16°C, the perceived temperature is <30°.

  • Bad weather indicators 48% Showers

    Showers - averaging between 2.5mm and 3.5mm per day.

  • Sunbathing indicators 40% Sunny intervals

    Cloudy with sunny intervals (40% to 60% cloud cover).

  • Wind indicators 60% Light wind

    Light winds (between 6mph and 12mph).

  • Humidity indicators 58% Uncomfortable

    Considerable discomfort from high levels of air humidity. Air feels damp.

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