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Travel to Burgundy, for wine, food and much more

By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Travel guide

It was on the territory of Burgundy that our Gallic ancestors met their final and most bitter defeat, in Alesia. As Vercingetorix bowed down to Caesar, a few hundred years later the duchy of Burgundy ferociously stood his ground before the Kingdom of France. The more peaceful present-day Burgundy has preserved many relics from these times. The debate between specialists regarding the site of the battle of Alesia lasted many long decades before it was established that it indeed took place on what is called the Gold Coast, where a Museum-Park will soon open. For the centuries that followed, there is no question as to who ruled the land, considering the number of exceptional castles which are found on Burgundy soil (Cormatin, Tanlay, Pierreclos, etc.), without forgetting the remarkable religious buildings like the abbeys of Cluny and Fontenay.
These patrimonial, architectural and cultural treasures are complemented by incredibly rich soil which produce the grapes of some of the most celebrated and appreciated wines in the world. Chablis, Côte de Beaune, Vosne Romanée, Givry and Mâcon-Villages are some of the labels that all wine lovers should have in their cellar.
The soil here, which has made it possible to create some of the highest-quality vineyards, has been equally generous with the rest of nature. Indeed, the region is at the forefront of green tourism with preserved natural spaces like the Morvan Regional Natural Park and the banks of the Burgundy canal.

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What to see

Le coq au vin , France
Le coq au vin
, Les oeufs en meurette, Enogastronomy, Burgundy
Les oeufs en meurette
Le Miel du Morvan , France
Le Miel du Morvan
La charolaise , France
La charolaise
Les vins de Bourgogne , France
Les vins de Bourgogne
La Roche de Solutré , France
La Roche de Solutré
Les vignobles du Mâconnais , France
Les vignobles du Mâconnais
Le Hameau Duboeuf , France
Le Hameau Duboeuf
Alésia MuséoParc , France
Alésia MuséoParc
Bibracte et le Mont Beuvray , France
Bibracte et le Mont Beuvray
Le musée Zervos à Vézelay , France
Le musée Zervos à Vézelay
L'abbaye de Pontigny , France
L'abbaye de Pontigny
, La Basilique Madeleine de Vézelay, Monuments, Burgundy
La Basilique Madeleine de Vézelay
Chantier du Château de Guédelon , France
Chantier du Château de Guédelon
Les châteaux Renaissance de l'Yonne , France
Les châteaux Renaissance de l'Yonne
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