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Since opening on 12 April 1992, Disneyland Paris has not ceased to attract both little and big visitors who come to enjoy a day full of thrills. The youngest will be happy to be close to their favourite Disney characters: Mickey, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, etc. Everyone else will head for the exciting rides.
The park is divided into 5 worlds: Main Street USA, Frontierland, Adventureland, Discoveryland and Fantasyland. Every one of them is based on a particular theme with its own characters: pirates, cowboys, princesses, robots, Indians and America at the beginning of the 20th century. In a word, Disneyland Paris is a world of dreams but one that can quickly turn into a nightmare for some parents, who are sick of hearing the same background music playing over and over again or suffering the endlessly long waits for rides that last 50 seconds. But of course when it comes to our little ones, we're ready to do anything for them, isn't that right?

Next to the Disneyland park is the Walt Disney Studios park, which takes visitors inside the universe of television and film. Special effects and film sets will no longer hold any secrets from you.

Feel like seeing a film or having a drink in a bar? Head to Disney Village where you will find many (theme) restaurants, bars and cinemas. It is also possible to attend a show, concert, etc. Everything has been put close together so that you can have a fun and festive time.

Disneyland Paris: what to do?

All of the attractions at the Disneyland park but also those at the Walt Disney Studios park. Spend the evening with some friends in one of the bars or restaurants in the Disney Village.

Meet your favourite Dinsey characters Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan and the others.

  • Guaranteed thrills on the rides.
  • The crowds.
  • The incessant music playing throughout the park.


Remember to take water but also a cap or a hat and sunscreen lotion, since you might end up standing in the sun for a while as you wait your turn for the rides... And in the event of rain and cold weather, cover yourself up well and don't forget your umbrella and canary yellow Disney poncho. An essential ready-to-wear Disney item.

To avoid

Visiting the park when it's raining or when the weather is very cold or very hot. If you can, try to avoid the periods of school holidays and weekends as queues tend to be unbearably long.

Disneyland Paris: what to eat?

Although in France, renowned for its refined cuisine, being at Disneyland Paris, is just as though you are in the USA. Burgers, chips, hot dogs, but also tacos, pizza and grilled meat are the most comonly served in the park's various eateries. You just have to choose the restaurant according to the ambience you are looking for.

Disneyland Paris: what to buy?

Countless Disney souvenirs can be found in the park's many shops. Princess and pirate costumes, various different toys, items with the Disney characters, etc.

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