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  • Book markets are held regularly. Literature lovers can search for the answer to their heart's desire in the biggest open-air bookstore.
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    The fishing quays

    Book markets are held regularly. Literature lovers can search for the answer to their heart's desire in the biggest open-air bookstore.

Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Expert destination France

Welcome to the global capital of gastronomy! If you have a refined palate, if you like tasting local products or if you are a big fan of nature, the city of Lyon is the perfect place for you. Take advantage of the restaurants, in which the menus are overflowing with the most delicious dishes created by the top chefs of Lyon. Besides the divine cuisine that can be enjoyed, Lyon has plenty of monuments and historic sites waiting to be discovered. However, you should also take the time to go for a walk along the famous 'traboules' (a type of passageway) of Lyon, but keep in mind that they are not all open to the public. Esteemed by tourists, these small secret passages allow you to quickly get from one point to another. If you don't suffer from vertigo you can also ride the Ferris wheel on Bellecour Square (only present in winter), which will take you 60m up into the air and give you a bird's-eye view of Lyon. Those who are scared of heights, beware!

If you get the chance, go for a stroll on Place des Terreux under the moonlight, as the lighting is amazing. Indeed, Lyon is a place where everything that shines is very popular. Its traditional Festival of Lights commemorates the inauguration of the statue of the Virgin of the Fourvière church tower with an explosion of lights. Every night, the city's 250 monuments, sites and quays are lit up, turning it into a sort of nocturnal masterpiece. Why not go for a wander around the Parc de la Tête d'Or? With seven beautiful entrances, these splendid gardens attract nature lovers all year round. The most noteworthy entrance is probably the Enfants du Rhône gate. Here you will have a view of a 40-acre lake nestled in a beautiful setting. Flower-covered hills, large rose beds, and even the peonies will guide your walk and surround you with sweet scents and colours. Today, it is still one of the biggest and most beautiful urban parks in France.

Lyon: what to do?

City Adventure Lyon
Have you always liked adventure? Are you like Tarzan at heart? If so, it's off to City Adventure! This amusement park, at the heart of a hundred-year-old forest, boasts 7 different visits adapted for all ages and all levels. On each one you will come across a host of obstacles that will slow you down, like mining tunnels, Amazonian passages, and teetering tree trunks... It's up to you to get through it all as quickly as possible!
Navig'Inter The Nav'Inter proposes a discovery of Lyon with a cruise on the Saône river. You will have the choice between guided visits of the Confluence district and Barbe Island. The city looks stunning during evening visits, when it is all lit up, and daytime outings are also a possibility.

The Aquarium of Grand Lyon
Just entering this space means taking a tour of the world of fresh and saltwater. This underwater stroll will lead you to the freshwater room, then to the discovery of fish from the southern hemisphere, and finally to the sharks swimming around a shipwreck. The visit ends with the room of the five senses, where 'touch' becomes the most prominent of the senses. Visitors are invited to touch the gobies, the anemones, the molluscs and the echinoderms, as well as to experience a tropical storm in the "rainforest" for ten minutes.
The wall frescoes The city of Lyon proudly boasts a large number of splendid wall frescoes, which include the 'Mur du Cinéma' (cinema wall), created by the Lumière brothers, and the 'Fresque des Lyonnais', representing 30 faces of men and women from Lyon who made a mark on history, like St. Blandine, Paul Bocuse and Saint-Exupéry. What you especially can't miss though is the biggest fresco in all of Europe, the 'Mur de Canuts', a reflection of life in Lyon.


The tourist information office offers a Lyon City Card which gives free access to 28 attractions and museums and allows you to get around the city for free. It also offers guided visits, river cruises, and even discounts in some of the shops.

To avoid

Don't use your car to get around everywhere. The roads in Lyon were made to be strolled along. In fact, the old part of Lyon is fabulous for walks.

Lyon: what to eat?

Cooked meats from the Lyon region
Lugdunum has for a long time been the capital of cooked meats. The number of local specialities is impressive: different types of sausages, salami, jésus, saveloy, and all of these either plain or seasoned with truffles or pistachios, or with the rind still on. You are sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds, whatever your preference!
Angel wings An creation from Lyon which is enjoyed during Lent, angel wings were originally made using a base of flour and brewer's yeast thinned out with water and then fried in oil. Today, the recipe includes butter and eggs and plenty of secrets. A real delight!

Lyon: what to buy?

Considered to be the capital of gastronomy, Lyon benefits from the wealth of its land. Make the most of your trip to bring back a couple of salami sausages.

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