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Objectif nature France
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Objectif nature

It is difficult to think of Corsica without thinking of the famous GR20, and therefore hiking.

Objectif Nature is an organisation which gives visitors the chance to explore the Island of Beauty safely and in the company of a guide so that they may take full advantage of the scenery as well as the legends attached to it.

Walks take place every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and are divided into two categories: those designed for all levels (and which will take you off in search of beautiful valleys and lakes) and those aimed at more athletic visitors (routes will take you to high-altitude lakes and the finest peaks of Corsica).

The mere mention of the principle routes will get you dreaming: GR20 North, the High Level Route (which is recommended for hardened hikers, giving them the opportunity to cross the island along its spine), GR South (7 days exploring lakes of glacial origin, untimely névés and the pozzines between Vizzavona and Porto-Vecchio), Mare a Mare North (a route which runs between the two seas, the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Mediterranean sea, crossing the mountainous massifs of the Haute-Corse region), Mare a Mare South (this walk is suitable for all and runs from Porto-Vecchio to Propriano, taking several days allowing for baggage transportation), the Randonnée rafraîchissante ('Refreshing walk' - 7 days and 6 nights exploring the Vallée Sauvage (?Wild Valley')), and the Traversée fantastique ('Magnificent crossing' - an appealing concept which offers visitors the opportunity to discover a different landscape every day).

Objectif Nature
3, rue Notre Dame de Lourdes 20200 Bastia
Tel.: +33 (0)4 95 32 54 34.

Objectif nature

Objectif nature , Descending from the summits , France
Descending from the summits

With the range of hikes and orienteering courses on offer, Objectif Nature will satisfy all levels of walkers in Corsica.

© Michael Fischer - age fotostock
Objectif nature , A glimpse of Corsica's beauty , France
A glimpse of Corsica's beauty

Objectif Nature doesn't guide visitors just for walks along hiking paths in discovery of Corsica. Horse riding, paragliding, cycling and diving are also possibilities.

© Michael Fischer - age fotostock
Objectif nature , Crossing a monkey bridge , France
Crossing a monkey bridge

The objective of Objectif Nature is not to stay relaxing on your sofa. Climbing, running, swimming, flying: that's what Objectif Nature is all about.

© H Fougbre - age fotostock
Objectif nature , Relaxing by the water , France
Relaxing by the water

Objectif Nature also offers canyoning and sea kayaking excursions if you want to really get out there.

© Michael Fischer - age fotostock
Objectif nature , As the sun goes down the tents go up , France
As the sun goes down the tents go up

There is so much to see in the countryside, including islets.

© Michael Fischer - age fotostock
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