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Rock climbing in the Lozère , Rock climbing in Lozère , France
Rock climbing in Lozère

Thanks to its stone-sculpted landscapes, this is a great region for rock climbing, not least because the land is protected.

© Thierry Vialard / 123RF
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Rock climbing in the Lozère France
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Rock climbing in the Lozère

As is the case with speleology, this department seems to be heaven for rock climbing. With over 20,000m of climbing routes spread over some 18 natural sites, the Lozère has all sorts of climbs to offer, from the granite walls of the Haut Chassezac Gorges, or the shaly cliffs of Saint Julien du Tournel, to the limestone faces of the Tarn and Jonte Gorges.
The sport is open to all, regardless of your level. Experienced climbers may engage in the solo ascent of vertiginous cliff faces, while others may benefit from the experience of guides and trainers for their initiation climbs.
There are many clubs and professionals that offer initiation courses or advanced training sessions and provide the necessary facilities. During the initiation courses, various aspects are explained: knowledge and preparation of equipment, top roping techniques, knots, belaying techniques, basic techniques, and knowledge of the surroundings.

A.D.N La Cazelle SARL
Le Bourg - 48100 Grezes
Tel.: 04 66 48 46 05. Day rates: £35
Half-day rates: £22
Association of Sports Instruction of the Tarn and Jonte Gorges
48150 Le Rozier
Telephone: +33 (0) 4 65 62 63 05
Climbing school: £26 per person for a 3 hour session
Initiation on long climbing routes: £88 per person
Cévennes évasion
SARL Cévennes évasion
6, place Boyer - 48400 Florac

Groups of children: £32 per child
Discovery for adults: £39 per person
Long climb: £75 per person (for experienced climbers - several levels on offer)

Bulledi - Valéry Philippe
2, rue du Pré aux Clercs - 48320 Quézac
Telephone: 04 66 32 28 15.
Price for initiation sessions: £26
Price for the long climb: £79
Advanced training, full day: £35
Departmental Committee for Mountaineering and Climbing
14, boulevard Henri Bourillon - 48000 Mende
Telephone: 04 66 65 60 20.

Rock climbing in the Lozère

Rock climbing in the Lozère , Lozère: a protected region , France
Lozère: a protected region

You will discover an extraordinary setting, unique panoramic views of the protected land, and all of it over the mountaintops.

© Alexey Poprotsky / 123RF
Rock climbing in the Lozère , Rock climbing equipment , France
Rock climbing equipment

To practise rock climbing, it is necessary to have the right equipment, like climbing shoes and crampons.

© photobac / 123RF
Rock climbing in the Lozère , Mont Lozère , France
Mont Lozère

Mont Lozère is the highest peak in the Cévennes, reaching an altitude of almost 1700m and spanning nearly 19 miles.

© Paolo Sartori / 123RF
Rock climbing in the Lozère , Climbing safety rules , France
Climbing safety rules

Equipment is provided by the club's instructor but you must wear something that complies with the safety rules.

© Celin Serbo / age fotostock
Rock climbing in the Lozère , Via Ferrata in the Lozère region , France
Via Ferrata in the Lozère region

Via Ferrata is a combination of hiking and climbing. Do bear in mind that there is an age limit on practicing the sport that can vary from one club to another.

© Alexey Poprotsky / 123RF
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