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The Village des Tortues tortoise park, Moltifao France
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover The Village des Tortues tortoise park, Moltifao

Having appeared on the Earth more than a million years ago, the Hermann's tortoise is what you might call a living fossil. It is the last species of land turtle known in France and can now be found only in the Massif des Maures (in the Var region) and in Corsica. Several steps have been taken by enthusiasts, such as those at the Village des Tortues tortoise park in Moltifao, to ensure that this ancient species does not become extinct.
The preservation of the species was initially the subject of a policy whereby a group of tortoises were bred in semi-captivity in order to ensure controlled repopulation. This approach was consequently accompanied by an attempt at reintroducing the tortoises to their former habitats. Eventually, having realised that such a conservation operation could not realistically be beneficial in the long term without collective awareness and involvement, those at the Village des Tortues allowed the public into their fascinating world.

With the new-found belief that an interest in and understanding of the world around us comes from knowledge, they explained to the public all about the lifestyle, ecological requirements and means of preservation of this wonderful species.

This makes the Village des Tortues an excellent way of combining leisure, culture, and involvement in environmental protection.

The Village des Tortues tortoise park, Moltifao
Route d'Asco lieu-dit Tizzarella 20218 Moltifao. Tel.: +33 (0)4 95 47 85 03.

The Village des Tortues tortoise park, Moltifao

The Village des Tortues tortoise park, Moltifao , France
The Village des Tortues tortoise park, Moltifao © BoÅ¡tjan Kepic / 123RF
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