• Like everywhere in Polynesia, Taiohe is a village particularly attached to religion and boasts magnificent beauty in an archipelago known above all for its nature.
    Sylvain Grandadam
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Expert destination French Polynesia

Located on Nuku Hiva, the small town of Taiohae (on the south coast) is the Marquesas' administrative centre. It was built on the coast, along a beautiful black sandy beach. Notre Dame Cathedral houses monumental religious sculptures for which we have to thank the best Marquesan artists. Facing Taiohae Bay stands the wonderfully restored Temehea pae pae with the paved area of the pae pae, a tohua, the reconstruction of a Marquesan hut and a marae. The site also includes a group of contemporary statues, made by artists from the Marquesas as well as from Easter Island. You should also see the small village of Taipivai (Taipivai valley) on Nuku Hiva where the the inhabitants live off the cultivation of vanilla and the harvest of copra.

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