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The Tuamotu archipelago is composed of 76 low-lying islands surrounded by a coral reef belt. This coral reef forms the superb lagoon, with its turquoise waters on both sides of this chain of islands, also called 'atolls'. The result of this natural formation is a breathtaking landscape that conjures up images of the Garden of Eden.

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  • Fakarava
  • Tikehau
  • Taiohae
  • Vaitape
  • Tahaa
  • Tuerahera, French Polynesia Tuamotu, French Polynesia

French Polynesia : The regions

  • Marquesas, French Polynesia
    Marquesas French Polynesia
  • Tahiti, Bora Bora
    Tahiti, Bora Bora
  • French Polynesia, Tuamotu
    French Polynesia Tuamotu
  • Polynesia, Austral
    Polynesia Austral
  • Gambier islands
    Gambier islands
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