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Symbol of the former GDR, the Trabant was once the only model authorised in East Germany. Although the small car has had to learn how to cohabit with more roomy and modern competitors in unified Germany, it now rides high in the streets of Berlin more than ever. An iconic car, it costs an arm and a leg to rent for an excursion that takes visitors on a kind of cultural, photographic safari where the monuments are the major attraction. Although the experience is definitely worth it, it does come at a price: about £75 per person if you're travelling as a couple, and £66 if you're in a party of 4.

  • Un tour en Trabant , Touring around Berlin in a Trabant , Germany
    Touring around Berlin in a Trabant

    An old car model manufactured by VEB Sachsenring, the Trabant has become one of the symbols of the former DDR.

  • Un tour en Trabant , Driving around in a Trabant , Germany
    Driving around in a Trabant

    Approximately 50,000 models of Trabant still exist in Germany today.

  • Un tour en Trabant , A police Trabant , Germany
    A police Trabant

    Just like its inhabitants, the police in the former East Germany drove Trabants.

  • Un tour en Trabant , An excursion in a Trabant , Germany
    An excursion in a Trabant

    Today, the "Trabant-safari" is one of the most popular excursions with tourists visiting Berlin.

  • Un tour en Trabant , A Trabie in Berlin , Germany
    A Trabie in Berlin

    A drive around in a Trabant is the opportunity to discover the history of Berlin in a unique way.

  • A tour in a Trabant car
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