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It may not sound like one of the sexiest destinations, but Germany has as much, if not more, to offer than most European countries. Several of its cities are amongst the most creative in terms of art, design and fashion while its food, contrary to popular belief, is right up there with the finest in Europe. Here are a few blogs to help you get the most out of your visit to Germany
  • Food
    a Palate & a Passport

    [ a Palate & a Passport ]

    by Julie Therré
    Comments: Written by an Australian woman living in Karlsruhe, this blog is a fantastic insight into German food and everyday culture with some great photography  Strong point: Extremely professional website with stunning photos from a talented lady
  • Where to go out
    I Heart Berlin

    [ I Heart Berlin ]

    by Frank, Claudio and Suz
    Comments: A funky insider's guide to the German capital for young people with all you need to know about partying, fashion, art and where to be in Berlin  Strong point: The three main contributors are absolutely passionate about the city
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