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One of Germany's most amazing artistic hallmarks is the Bauhaus, a school of architecture and applied arts. Set up in 1919 in Weimar, it had an immense influence on modern architecture and graphic arts. The founding principle of this school was to respond to the needs of the community with an absence in distinction between the fine arts and home-made products. The Bauhaus style was mainly characterised by the lack of embellishments. Several painters, such as Klee or Kandinsky, taught in this school. When the Nazis closed down the school in 1933, a good number of its members emigrated to the United States where the values and principles of Bauhaus dominated art and architecture for several decades. Do not miss out on the excellent museum dedicated to this movement in Berlin.

  • The Bauhaus building in Dessau, The Bauhaus, Arts and culture, Germany
    The Bauhaus building in Dessau

    It is to Germany's most famous school of art, design and architecture founded by Walter Gropius that we owe the Bauhaus building, among others, in Dessau.

    © Senorcampesino / iStock
  • The Bauhaus , A Bauhaus building , Germany
    A Bauhaus building

    Straight lines and colourful geometric elements characterise this Bauhaus building.

    © Mehrdad Sama-abedi / age fotostock
  • The Bauhaus , The multicoloured store of Zingst , Germany
    The multicoloured store of Zingst

    In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, this small Bauhaus-style store was designed by Walter Butzek.

    © Axel Schmies / age fotostock
  • The Bauhaus , Bauhaus turrets , Germany
    Bauhaus turrets

    These turrets are entirely covered with mosaics.

    © Oliver Ritter-wolff / age fotostock
  • The Bauhaus , The Bauhaus Museum in Weimar , Germany
    The Bauhaus Museum in Weimar

    There is a work of art on the museum's forecourt that explains the Bauhaus style.

    © Lauca Images / age fotostock
  • The Bauhaus , Chairs in the Bauhaus style , Germany
    Chairs in the Bauhaus style

    The Wassily B3 chair, a classic of Bauhaus design.

    © snap fotodesign / age fotostock
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