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The ZAM or "Centre of Exceptional Museums", generally known as "the uncommon museum" is a complex of seven museums depicting original themes, all in the same building, in the heart of Munich. The founder, Manfred Klauda, a lawyer by profession, is an atypical collector. While searching for an imperial chamber pot, he discovered a collection of pots and "bourdalous" (oblong porcelain pots considered as luxury items and used in the 18th and 19th centuries by high class women) that he went on to develop. Over 2,000 examples from ancient civilisation, decorated according to the taste of the era, are exposed on the first floor close to the Easter Hare museum, a collection of perfume bottles (including very ancient phials) and the guardian angel collection. In the basement, those interested in go-carting can admire over a hundred children's cars laid out behind glass windows, depicting just as many years of history. This long hall follows the Sissi Museum, dedicated to Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Carpeted with gilded silk cloths hemmed on the walls, the small wood-floor covered hall resembles a bedroom. On the glass windows, several accessories formerly owned by the monarch are exhibited. Amongst her gloves, bedroom slippers, games, fans, hats, office and bedroom furniture, you will find her milk tooth, her collection of cameos, on which she used to play backgammon and the black coat her governess was wearing on the day of her assassination.

  • The ZAM museum. , Empress 'Sisi' at the ZAM Museum , Germany
    Empress 'Sisi' at the ZAM Museum

    At the 'Centre of Exceptional Museums' there is also a Sisi museum, where the empress is omnipresent.

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